How Should A Teacher’s Resume Look Like?

If you are planning to be a teacher by profession, the first step would be preparing a resume. But how should your resume appear so that your chances of getting hired increase? Here are some resume tips for the same.

How Should A Teacher's Resume Look Like

1. Mention quantified professional experience:

Your work experience ought to be mentioned using bullet points. Each bullet point ought to be pertinent to the job that you’re applying for. In case you’re wanting to land another position as a teacher, select the best skills, capabilities, and knowledge that you’ve gained through your experience.

Ensure that your bullets are achievement oriented and measurable.


Made sure that all students understood the syllabus, and assisted students who needed additional guidance, comprehension test score for reading and writing expanding 16% more than three years on an average.

If you are lacking any accomplishments, you can still quantify by mentioning the number of students you tackled per semester.

The main thing is that your bullets should not comprise of bland duties and responsibilities.

2. Incorporate your certifications:

Most of the teachers should mention all of their certifications, or when you expect receiving them. This should either be possible in a separate certifications section or included in the additional skills section.

Looking at a few resume format examples would give you a better idea.

3. Layout of the skills section:

Teachers from the 21st century are relied upon to be capable of handling technology, e.g. utilizing projectors, laptops, tablets, and software to enhance student performance and engagement. Make sure to incorporate this info into your resume.


Classroom software like:

– Lore

– Pearson ECollege

– GoinGon etc…

Other software like:

– Microsoft Office

– Windows movie maker etc…

Research related skills:

– Google Scholar

– Browsing and web search skills etc.

4. Action Verbs:

Some of the action verbs that can be used in a teacher’s resume are:

– Develop

– Teach

– Encourage

– Educate etc…

Amongst the basic resume necessities for a teacher’s resume.

5. Portraying entry-level teacher resume experience:

In the event that you are an entry-level teacher, at that point, you’ve as of late experienced extensive training, including procuring classroom experience with the help of interactive field experience.

This experience ought to likewise be incorporated into your Professional Experience section yet under an alternate subheading called “Interactive Field Experience”.

Prepare a subheading for every school where you gained field experience and enlist your bullets similar to the above section – ensure they are focused on, measured, particular and impact making.

6. Other information:

You can likewise include information like abroad study, academic awards, and related coursework.

Keep in mind these resume tips as you begin writing a teacher’s resume. SayTooLoud wishes you all the success.

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