Resume Preparation for Freshers: 5 Step Process For That Perfect One !

Here is a 5 step process recommended by experts, for that perfect fresher resume! We will go through them one by one, in this blog from SayTooLoud.


1. Research and homework:

This can be called the first step in this process. This basic 8-letter word can do marvels to your resume. Read up on latest resume formats and what is prevalent in your particular industry. Simply type ‘resume samples’ on Google, and you’ll discover a mind-boggling assortment of layouts to pick from. Go for one that is straightforward, tidy and effective in its communication. At that point, utilize it to underline your strengths.

2. Stay honest:

Honesty happens to be the best policy with regards to preparing resumes. In the event that you endeavor to come up with a false portrayal of yourself, it will definitely surprise the recruiter, and not positively. When they meet you and become aware of the misrepresentations you made in your resume, all odds of you being recruited will be lost. They may likewise wind up alerting rest of the potential employers about you.

3. Refining your objective:

Hopefuls, even experienced ones, frequently confer the cardinal sin of mass while preparing their resumes. While this method may spare time, it can hamper your odds of getting the right kind of employment, in light of the fact that your offerings may not generally sync with the prerequisites of the employers. It’s a fact that all businesses are searching for a dedicated and genuine employee, however some corporates make their necessities much more particular. On the off chance that you have not done your research and homework on the organizations you are applying at, odds are that yours could tumble off the radar. So, carry out your research and invest some additional energy to have your resume company particular.

An important point to remember specially during resume preparation for freshers.

4. Go with a specific structure:

Structure is the key element of a perfect resume. Similar to all good stories, a resume, as well, has a starting, a middle and an ending. Underneath, we’ll mention what each of these sections ought to contain.

The beginning section:

– Name, address and contact information

– A precise and strong objective that covers what you aim to accomplish at the job.

The middle section:

– Educational qualification details

– Work experience details. It will go in your favour to attach names and contact information of a minimum 3 references.

The end section:

– Skill set you possess. Mentioning those that are beneficial to the company can prove to be profitable.

– Your hobbies. It is optional. Be that as it may, in the event that you include it, avoid common ones like ‘tuning in to music’, ‘sitting in front of the TV’ and so forth.

You can also refer a latest resume format for a better idea.

5. Proofreading:

On the off chance that you are not a grammar freak, you need to find one to verify your resume for you before sending it to the stakeholder. Spelling and grammatical slip-ups are a total turn-off and will bring about resume landing into a shredder. It likewise mirrors that you are not sufficiently serious about your career to think about the first document which is going to incredibly affect your professional life.

Consider your resume and your resume writing skills seriously, in light of the fact that your employer unquestionably will.

Make the above points a part of your resume preparation for freshers and see the results for yourself.

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