Internship Resume: What Should It Consist Of ?

Internship is a critical aspect of your career. You cannot afford to take it lightly. That’s exactly why you ought to design your resume in a manner, as you would do when applying for a regular job. Is there any standard resume format for this type of resume? Well, there is…


We are going to see a few tips related to the same over here…

1. Mention the relevant traits and skills in the Career Objective statement:

With regards to beginning a resume, for students, a career objective is frequently the most effective. Remember, a career objective is NOT a statement indicating to the recruiter what you need.

Rather, the aim of the objective is to disclose what you offer on the table and how you can assist the organization to meet its objectives.

For high schoolers and college goers applying for a temporary position, a career goal should exhibit their character qualities, pertinent skills and abilities.

A short, convincing, and concise, the Career Objective statement is a classic approach to begin a powerful resume. Ensure you get it right. Go through a few career objective templates.

2. A well composed Education section is necessary:

For student resumes that are short on professional experience, the education segment is a noteworthy point of emphasis.

High school and college student resumes should concentrate on these important points of their academics:

– Related coursework:

Mentioning your courses will give the recruiter a better thought of the knowledge and aptitude you have. Keep in mind to just enlist the classes that are in-sync with the job you are applying for.

– GPA:

Incorporating your well deserved GPA tells the hirer that you can be believed to offer quality work on a deadline. Note that job aspirants should just incorporate their GPA in the event that it is a 3.0 or more.

– Extracurriculars:

The inclusion of such activities results in employers being aware of your additional skills (leadership and communication) that you could possess.

– Honors and recognition:

Including any awards you got in school will demonstrate to the HR manager that others perceive your diligent work and achievements.

These were a few basic resume pointers with respect to the education section.

3. Barter Professional Experience for a Major Achievements section:

Counting on a Major Achievements section will enable you to develop on the highlights of your academic experience.

What to include?

Students can expand on pretty much anything in such sections. However, it’s best to stick to subjects that are pertinent to the internship position and that will enable the employer to see how you will perform at their organization. By and large, high school pass outs tend to concentrate on their club participation while college goers frequently include significant class projects.


Talking about the formatting for this field, it’s best to consider it as a professional experience section. The club’s name or project ought to be utilized as the header with illustrative bullet points below. Don’t hesitate to incorporate dates if the project was carried out under a time frame.

In the event that you need to take this segment somewhat further, it’s good to incorporate numbers on your resume. Numbers help managers to represent and measure your abilities.

All the best for your internship !!

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