Important Guidelines To Prepare an Electrical Engineer Resume!

Guess what?

A good news for job seeking electrical engineers!

SayTooLoud would like to share with you, some important tips to create a professional profile. In simple language, a resume. These would come in handy as you begin to prepare one for yourself.


Electrical engineering is a broad domain, enveloping various sub-disciplines, including:

  • Computers

  • Power

  • Electronics

  • Instrumentation etc….

Since the general practice with regards to electronic engineering expects you to be jack of all trades, the resume tips on this page will be applicable irrespective of what your specialization is. Putting to use these tips effectively should expand your odds of getting a high paying engineering job.

1. Quantification creates an impact:

Quantifying is particularly powerful in the event that you can exhibit the measure of money you spared by means of negotiation abilities, brilliant utilization of assets, finding another source of cheaper materials, or coming up with new strategies to enhance work effectiveness.

2. Bullet points should be achievement oriented:

Focus on your bullet points at the job you’re applying for. Try not to think of them as general, regular job tasks.

What does one mean by this? When you read the expected set of responsibilities for the electrical job you’re applying for, that is just a rundown of non specific job duties. Your resume must demonstrate the hiring manager that you can carry out those jobs, as well as that you’ve accomplished vital milestones while carrying them out in your past work experience.

Promptness, proficiency, and a feeling of time urgency are essential qualities to pass on in a resume, and are considered accomplishments.

3. Make your skills section keyword rich:

Electrical engineers ought to know a great deal of technology and software to finish different assignments. These are called “hard skills”, since they require both training and knowledge. “Soft skills”, like communication and administration capacities are likewise vital to incorporate into a resume, yet ought to be imparted through your accomplishments in your Professional Experience segment.

It is also a good idea to enlist the softwares and tools you know, as a part of the employability skills list.

Organizations that recruit electrical engineers frequently utilize Applicant Tracking Systems to sift through candidates. These software’s read your resume, and will judge your legitimacy in light of the quantity of keywords and key expressions that your resume contains. In this way, the more relevant keywords you incorporate into your resume, the higher the odds that you will get an interview call.

4. A few action verbs you can use:

  • Construct

  • Execute

  • Test

  • Plan etc…

For more insights, you can refer a few sample resume templates as well.

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