Here’s The Most Valuable Tip For An Effective Resume!

Up till now, we have discussed a lot of things regarding resume writing. Be it resume templates, basic resume writing etc.


But guess what?

Today is the turn of that valuable resume tip. The tip that would help you increase your resume effectiveness.

So, without keeping you guessing anymore, here’s the tip:

For increased effectiveness of your resume, restrict the length of each sentence up to 25 words or lesser.

How to implement this?

If you are making use of Microsoft Word for writing, just select the desired sentence and later on, click on the Tools/Word Count menu. It will display you the length of the sentence.

On the off chance that your sentence surpasses 25 words:

  1. Summarize it

  2. Divide it into 2 or more smaller sentences


Consider this sentence-

Established and led a strong global program in health policy, set direction and strategy, raised over $2.0 million in funding, led major activities, hired, mentored and managed staff.

Rewriting it-

Created and headed a global initiative in connection with health policy which raised a funding in excess of $2.0 million.

The sentence above is of 28 words in length. We rewrote it and made it to 20 words in length. So, now you must have got a feel as to how to go about implementing it.

To conclude:

As should be obvious, you can utilize your resume to tell a short, basic story or a more extended (close to three lines of content) tale about what you have gained.

In either case, your story is simpler to comprehend, and has more effect, when you let it know with the use of short sentences.

You can as well opt for a professional resume service that would guide you in setting up a resume.

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