Here’s How Your Software Engineer Intern Resume Should Look Like

A resume holds special importance for a Software Engineer Intern, specially because he is starting his career in the field of IT.

If that’s the case, then how should his/her resume look like? Well, here are a few tips on how should your technical resume look like. These resume tips would also help you to make it effective.


So, let’s begin….

Your resume appears good, yet by rolling out only a few improvements, would influence it to look more professional and increment your odds of an interview call.

1. Alter the introduction:

At first, modify the title of your “Objective” section to “Professional Profile”, “Qualifications Summary”, or “Career Summary”. It doesn’t make a difference as to which one. Goals are seen as obsolete.

Focus on your Professional Profile to reflect how you’ll fill the prerequisites required to succeed and exceed expectations at the job. Try not to discuss the benefits that you’ll get post being hired.

2. Education is the next thing:

Since you’re at present in academics, your education section is more significant than your work experience (which as of now just comprises of voluntary work).

Apart from this, your education section looks good.

3. Now, the volunteer experience:

Your bullets are stated a bit clumsily. Ideally one would list more than one responsibility (you have it marked “responsibilities”).

Possibly be more particular about how you helped Year 7 students. Start your bullets using action words. “Coached battling Year 7 students in algebra and reading comprehension” would be better and more particular, for instance.

Rather than listing your skills acquired, attempt to create bullet points that pass on how your communication abilities were enhanced, and how you exhibited leadership skills.

4. Skill-set: Harder is preferred:

At present, your skills section is loaded with “soft” skills such as teamwork, communication ability, eagerness to learn, and so on.

Being a software engineer, your hard skills are more vital.

5. Rename “communication and teamwork” section to “Projects”:

To begin with, rename it to “Projects”. Next give subheadings indicating individual projects you chipped away at (go for the real ones you’ve achieved up until this point.)

Under them, create bullets reflecting tasks that demonstrate your communication and teamwork capacities, and furthermore your abilities.

Discard the part about battling with a team programming undertaking. Minimally, revamp it to sound more positive. Attempt to outline it as far as cooperating to resolve complex issues, as opposed to being given some assistance.

6. Discard “References Available Upon request”:

This section is not required and taken to be unprofessional.

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