Contents That Make A CV Stand Out

Today we are going to see, how to write a professional CV that stands out of the crowd. In fact, we will be seeing what contents it should have, to make it an effective one.



Let’s first see what is a CV, then we will move towards what should it include.

A representation of an individual’s professional and educational history, typically written for job applications. A CV can also be called as a resume.

What information should resume templates consist of ? In other words, what should a CV consist of?

Let’s see them one by one:

1. Academic qualifications:

Name of your degree, major subject and name of the university from where you got the degree. You can specify the grades unless they are poor.

2. Personal information:

This section would include your full name, contact information (address, telephone number, email etc.), birth date etc.

3. Skill-set:

Under this, you can mention details regarding the languages you know. Read, write and speak format is preferable. Other things to include would be computer knowledge, and any other skill worth mentioning and that which can be useful at your workplace.

4. Work experience:

You can mention the relevant work experience. That means, try to associate the skills with the job. Try to use action words as far as possible. E.g. organized, planned etc.

This was related to the information that should be included. Basically, the things that should not be ignored. Apart from this, you can also include other information such as references, hobbies etc.

What should be the length of the CV?

There are no ultimate rules. Be that as it may, all in all, a fresh graduate’s CV should extend no more than two sides of A4 size paper. In a review of American employers, 35% favoured a one page CV and 19% a two page CV with the others saying it relies on the position you are applying for.

These were a few of the important aspects related to best ways to write a resume.

We will come up with some more next time….

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