What’s The Perfect Answer For Why You Want To Work Here?

Why you want to work here? is amongst those basic interview questions that would be thrown at you more often than not. What’s expected of you in an answer to this question? Well, let’s get an insight into the different aspects related to this question.


It’s happens to be the most frequently asked questions during interviews, and saying that the position appears great or the organization is superb, isn’t sufficient.

While interviewing job aspirants, managers are anxious to figure out which hopefuls truly need the job and would put real exertion for the betterment of the organization, and who simply needs a job, any kind of job, paying little heed to what the position involves.

  • Interview preparation for the best possible response:

The best possible approach to respond to this question is to be ready and insightful about the employer organization. Invest some time researching on the company (the “About Us” page of that particular company’s site is a decent place to begin) so, you can discuss regarding the advantages of working for this specific employer.

You may likewise search for the most recent press statements and media coverage of the organization, so, you have the knowledge of the organization’s future plans and goals. You could even visit the organization’s Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account etc. or any other social networking page, with a specific end goal to get an insightful into what clients or product buyers opine about the organization.

Go through the organization’s LinkedIn page, too. On the off chance that you have an association at the organization, inquire as to whether you can get some knowledge into what the company is looking for in a perfect employee.

The more details you can give, the better. In any case, don’t simply discuss the benefits and perks of working at the company. What you should attempt to stress is the means by which the organization’s mission, values, and work match with your own objectives.

Practice answering the question during practice job interview.

  • Align your goals with that of the employer:

While replying to the question, center around maybe a couple of goals of the company, or positive aspects. At that point, underline how these objectives or qualities line up with your own particular goals, or how your work experience would enable the organization to accomplish its objectives.

List out the organization’s fundamental objectives. At that point, make a rundown of how your own goals line up with those objectives. For instance, if the organization accentuates community service, you may mention this, and remember that it is an imperative value or objective for you.

In your reply, as opposed to focusing around how the organization can help you emphasize how you can be an asset to that particular organization. Despite the fact that the question is concerning why you need to work there, you yet have to convince the hiring manager that hiring you will benefit the organization.

  • A few sample answers:

Here are a couple of sample responses that you can use to prepare your answer:

Not just are you a pioneer in the business, with solid financials and an impressive business model, yet I’ve likewise observed on your Facebook page and Twitter account that your customers are immensely enthusiastic. Indeed, I’m a product owner myself and am anxious to be a contributor in the product’s development and distribution cycle.

I am aware that your organization is at present attempting to expand its international market. Having an experience in international sales for as long as five years, I know I can assist this organization to accomplish its objectives.

By now, it must have been pretty clear to you as to how to answer this interview question.

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