Want To Dominate Your Job Interview With the Perfect Answers ? Here are 3 Tips

Who wouldn’t like to dominate the interview with their perfect answers? Obviously everyone. But the thing is that, many don’t know how to go about it.


Considering this, SayTooLoud would like to share with you, interview tips for job that would help you to dominate your interview with the help of those perfect answers.

1. Target the interviewer’s state of mind:

In order to get ready for your interview, consider what the interviewer is searching for.

Rather than concentrating on ourselves, spare a thought to question yourself with:

– What is it that they are looking for?

– In which state of mind they are in?

– What appears as an ideal candidate to them and say in their eyes?


You can use the following tricks:

– Interviewers have jobs too:

Employers would prefer not to waste their day conversing with boring applicants; they wish to check the box that says, “Hired,” and return to work to complete their own particular tasks.

Knowing this reality, you can change the whole feel of the interview.

Rather than investing the whole energy talking, you’ll transform the interview into an exchange and blend in a few questions.

Rather than putting them on a pedestal, you’ll consider them to be a future associate.

Rather than considering it to be a cross examination, you’ll seem like a companion who’s simply inquiring as to whether you can help

That’s the way to go!!

– It’s not just about skills:

It’s not just experience that employers are looking for. Likewise, interviewers don’t just judge your skills. They also analyze your behaviour. Understanding this gives you a colossal advantage since you can plan your interview preparation accordingly.

– Doing homework:

Carry out research on the interviewer with the help of different social media platforms. The aim is to have knowledge about their background, designation with the organization, common interests etc.

With these points of interest, you can start further talks and emerge by quietly bringing them up amid the interview.

2. Giving the “perfect response”:

– Finding the question behind question

When somebody questions you, “Tell me about yourself” it appears to be basic and quite direct, however actually, this request has many underlying questions.

A good technique to discover such hidden questions is to think:

– Do they wish to know how do I respond to vague questions?

– What is their actual concern?

– Do they want to know whether I am acquainted with the job responsibilities?

– What information they can get through this question?

Always spare time to think what they expect.

Think of a rundown of 10 potential basic interview questions. Run them through the above criteria to reveal the hidden meaning behind what the hiring manager could truly be inquiring. Try to note this down before proceeding onwards.

– Go for the plain English Answer:

A good strategy is to first make an interpretation of what we’re trying to state, into a simple English answer. At that point, if our answer is convincing, we can refine the exact language to transform the answer to make it interview worthy.

With the list of 10 questions you framed before, think of your plain English answers to them. Make sure to likewise address the question behind the question.

The best approach to furnish your plain English answer to flawlessness is to include a convincing story.

3. Refrain from the deadly interview mistakes:

You have won the interview, you’ve carried out your research, and you have your astounding answers — you’re nearly there.

Try not to mess up the entire thing by making the biggest interview blunders.

You could carry out everything above effectively and still get a NO in the event that you make a mistake that takes you into the “Don’t Hire” heap.

Do visit SayTooLoud to know about these not to commit interview mistakes and more of tips for interview.

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