Toughest Medical School Interview Questions: Tips To Answer Them!

As in most cases, the first of the basic interview questions you would be facing in this case would be,

“Tell me about yourself”.


At the very beginning of your medical school interview, the hiring officer calmly drops this request in your lap and afterward takes a gander at you eagerly. You take a momentary pause and your internal monologue goes through a number of response scenarios. Which one would it be a good idea for you to pick?

  • How to face interview question like this ?

Is this an opportunity to raise that volunteer experience you have had? Do you enlighten your recruiter concerning your long lasting desire to end up being a physician? Is the correct answer a rundown of your significant life accomplishments till date?

It’s simple in theory: The one thing that you ought to be knowing in and out is yourself. You’ve definitely spent lots of time with yourself and have ideally thought about the qualities that you need to portray amid your medical school interview. All things considered, you need to ensure that you’re meeting the recruiter’s desires.

What do they expect from you?

By putting forth an open-ended question as opposed to a direct inquiry, the questioner is enabling you to control the narrative. It’s a rare occasion for you, being the interviewee, to control the discussion. Use it to your advantage.

  • Relevant answers prove to be the best:

Fruitful medical school interviews are all about giving a clear, to the point narrative.

Focus on things that are applicable to medical school or that exhibit your best qualities.

Your answer can include essential details, e.g. your native place, your interests, research carried, voluntary efforts, hobbies, your major, your association with the city where you’re being interviewed and so forth. There are such a large number of alternatives when it comes to answering this frequently asked question that you don’t have to veer into irrelevant or ungainly material.

  • Keep it short and sweet:

Nobody prefers a drifter. Medical school interviews have a tendency to be generally concise affairs, and in the event that you take through five or ten minutes for answering this question, you pass up a great opportunity for rest of the questions that could some way or another feature your strengths.

  • Practice, practice and practice:

With regards to your medical school interview answers, you should practice job interview answer to the feared “tell me about yourself” question to ensure that it is relevant, well directed, and short—yet don’t practice to the point where it appears practiced.

Don’t miss this best chance to impress the interviewer !

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