Top Tips To Help Your Friend Find A New Job !

Got a friend in need who is badly in need of a job? Want to help him, but don’t know how to? Get to know how you can go about it, with the help of this blog from SayTooLoud. Some of these would also serve as helpful tips for job interviews. So, read on to know more….

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  • Offer help in job search:

Provide a referral:

On the off chance that there are relevant openings at your workplace, check whether you can put in a referral for your companion. Recruiters are excited to know about qualified aspirants, and you may even earn a referral bonus.

Help to establish connections:

A contact you know that can be vital for an effective job search and associating individuals is straightforward and simple to do. Offer to acquaint your companion with anybody you think may have the ability to help. Do it face to face, on LinkedIn, by email and via the social networking platform. You should simply send a short note having an introduction and a reason behind why you’re initiating the association.

Plan out an informational interview:

An informational interview happens to be an informal meeting intended to collect information regarding a job or an organization. Arrange informational interviews on the off chance that you have associations with individuals in your friend’s professional field or industry. A great many people are happy to share information on what they do, and your associations might have the capacity to produce a few referrals or job leads.

Offer help by proofreading resumes and cover letters:

Amongst the hardest tasks when you’re writing and editing yourself, is to catch mistakes committed by you. A different set of eyes definitely comes in handy. Offer help to proof and review your friend’s resume and cover letters, so that their application materials turn out to be effective.

Known to be amongst the best interview tips and techniques, so, do make use of it.

These were a few tips as far as help in job search is concerned….

  • When financial aspect is an issue:

– Offer rides to interviews, if transportation serves to be a challenge

– Offer your stuff. Your friend facing shortage of professional interview clothes? In case your’s is a similar size, offer an interview outfit. In the event that you possess a good portfolio, you could allow them a chance to make use of it.

– Show willingness to babysit for job interviews, if there is a child care concern on the part of your friend.

  • Generic tips:

– Accompany your friend to lunch, dinner, coffee etc. regularly.

– Go together for an event etc….

After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

  • Stay in touch and keep a follow-up:

Visit your friend to check how they are getting along. Offering assistance is no doubt superb, yet following up and keeping an eye on their progress will be significantly more valued. Numerous individuals offer once and after that overlook. Be the individual who maintains contact.

  • How all this helps you:

There’s an additional advantage for you, as you do all this. Despite the fact that your aim is to offer help, and it’s a decent one, you’re likewise going to get by giving. Your companions will recollect that you referred them for a job, helped in proofreading, got them a drink, or whatever else you did to be supportive.

They’ll recall whenever an opportunistic job lead that may be ideal for you surfaces. The duration you spend helping out will be certainly worth the effort, and you’ll feel great that you did your best to help out your dear friend.

Had you ever thought about all this? If not, then do give it a thought and start working on it….

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