Top Hotel Management Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Here, we will shift our attention towards Hotel Management, and see a few frequently asked Hotel Management interview questions and answers for freshers.

Top Hotel Management Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

These would prove to be useful to all those preparing for Hotel Management interviews.

So, let’s begin….

List of Fresher Hotel Management Interview Questions and Answers:

Explain the difference between Wanderlust and Sun lust with respect to the hotel industry

There is no much distinction as both of them are concerned with the desire to travel. Wanderlust is the longing to travel at far distances and numerous different destinations to explore those spots. On the other hand, Sun lust is termed as traveling in the quest of adventure activities/sunshine/outdoor activities.

What is the meaning of the term catering?

Catering alludes to food and beverages while the catering industry alludes to the hospitality business that offers food items, drinks and in few cases, accommodation as well. Catering establishment refers to an organization that offers food with an aim to satisfy the customer. It covers two aspects:

– Food and beverage

– Other one is service

Distinguish between check in and check out

The process of arriving and registering into a hotel is termed as a check in. There are different formalities, which are included as a part of the check in procedures e.g. room allocation, enrolling visitor’s name, request the visitor to sign in the hotel register. On the other hand, the act of leaving and settling the bill post a stay in the hotel is termed as the check out process. The formalities which are associated with the check out process, are bill presentation and ensuring it is paid, taking the key back from the guest and so forth.

We will continue with a few more Hotel Management interview questions for freshers,

  1. List out the various kinds of linens used in the hotel industry

  2. How would you go about promoting your hotel?

  3. Describe the various types of accommodations

  4. What do you mean by the term adding value?

  5. What is hospitality in terms of the hotel industry?

  6. How are hotels classified?

  7. What are the makings of a good Hotel Manager?

With this, we come to the end of the list of Hotel Management interview questions and answers for freshers. They would prove to be useful during your interview preparation.

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