Top 7 HR Questions and Answers For Interview!

The last time, we saw tips on interview preparation for freshers. This time around, we will be checking out a few HR questions and answers related to interviews. So, here they come…


1. It is evident that there is some gap with regards to your work history. Why so?

Indeed, I was feeling depleted following years of constant work. That is why I chose to take a break and invest some time with my near and dear ones on a rejuvenating break. I am glad to have returned completely revived.

2. How much salary do you expect?

I am of the opinion that an ideal compensation for any position perceives the skills, acknowledges the performance and gives the employee a chance to enjoy his hobbies and interests. I am certain that this organization additionally takes care of these.

This one is amongst the most popular HR questions and answers.

3. Tell me about yourself:

This, in all probability happens to be the first question that is asked, and you can expect amid any interview you confront. This is a question to initiate a dialogue and set the ball rolling for the interview. You can reply to this question by giving some information regarding your work experience, technologies you have experience in, academic qualifications and so on. On the off chance that you are a fresh graduate, you can give some information about your family moreover.

The key is to put a full stop at the correct place to incite the following question you want. E.g. “Off late, I developed a site in Drupal. It was an interesting yet challenging job which I loved doing.”

Prepare a proper answer for this question during interview preparation.

4. Can you enlighten us about your prior boss?

Every one of my bosses had a few skills worth imbibing. I have constantly endeavored to learn something new from them that includes my past boss.

5. For what duration can you commit to work with us?

I adore new challenges and an opportunity to grow. As long as I continue getting these, I don’t feel I’ll have to look for a job switch. I’d love to believe that this relationship goes on for a long time. Be that as it may, I haven’t set a time limit for me.

A tricky one amongst the HR questions and answers.

6. Tell us about your weaknesses:

You need to be cautious while replying to this question. Try not to offer a shortcoming which will specifically influence your choice however in the meantime saying that you don’t have any shortcoming won’t be correct as well. Each individual has weaknesses, so it is simply fine for you to have some as well.

The most ideal approach to answer this question will be to turn one of your strengths into a weakness and say that others blame you for having this weakness yet you think it is imperative to work in this way. E.g.: “My associates blame me for giving careful consideration to the syntax structure yet I trust it is vital when you are writing the code to abstain from investing excessive time in finding and resolving the bugs later on.”

Another approach to answer this question is to offer an absolutely un-related weakness e.g. “I am residing all by myself for a number of years now, however, despite everything I can’t cook in an independent manner.”

Amongst one of the popular HR questions and answers.

7. What rating would you give to your communication skills?

After all, IT is about managing individuals inside and out of the organization. In this way, it is vital to have good communication skills. Good communication skills means, capacity to comprehend and clarify in a common language. Along these lines, on the off chance that you feel that your communication abilities are weaker, you have to take a shot at them.

Anything lesser than normal or good isn’t adequate here.

The answers provided here are sample ones. You can prepare your answers on these lines and make the necessary changes based on the needs.

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