Top 10 Technical Questions Asked In TCS Interviews!

Guess what? SayTooLoud brings to you, top 10 technical questions asked in TCS interviews. These questions being hot favorites, these would help you in practice job interview. We would also be providing you with the answers to these…


Before beginning with the interview questions and answers, let’s check out a few details regarding the telephonic interview and campus interview at TCS.

1. About the telephonic interview:

In case TCS is not coming to your school this fall, and you have most likely presented your resume on the web. You look promising on paper and they might want to have a hiring discussion with the hopeful. They will come up with a mutually convenient schedule for your telephonic interview. Your interviewer will evaluate your communication abilities, self-management skills and background by putting forth behavioral questions. He/she may likewise evaluate your technical skills. On the off chance that the interview goes well for you, you will be approached for an in-person interview.

2. About the campus interview:

This interview more often than not requires 45 minutes to one hour and might have maybe a couple of interviewers. One interviewer might analyze your communication skills, self-management skills and background by putting forth behavioral questions. The other one will analyze your technical abilities.

Now we will move on to the interview questions and answers,

  • State the different storage classes in C

The four types of storage classes in C are register, extern, auto and static.

  • How to print an address?

Make use of %p in the printf statement, to print an address.

  • Define class

Class is nothing but a user-defined data type in C++. A class can be created in order to resolve a specific sort of problem. Post creation, its fine if the user does not know the specifics of the working of a class.

  • What do you mean by data structure

A data structure is a method for organizing data that takes into consideration, not just the items stored, in addition, their relationship with each other. In detail knowledge about the connection between data items permits designing of efficient algorithms for data manipulation.

  • Explain the scope of a variable

Scope alludes to the perceivability of factors. It is extremely valuable to have the capacity to constrain a variable’s scope to a solitary function. In different terms, the variable will have a restricted scope.

  • What is a digital signature?

Just like a handwritten signature is present on a printed letter for verification, that the letter’s source is from its indicated sender, a digital signature plays out a similar task for an electronic message. A digital signature is an encrypted form of a message digest, connected together along with a message.

  • Name the header file you ought to include if you are to create a function that can accept variable number of arguments


  • Explain the basic difference between a structure and an array

Array is a collection or group of similar data types while structures can be a group of different data types.

  • Define an object

Object is nothing but a set of variables and its associated methods. Objects possess state and behavior.

  • State the difference between a null pointer and a void pointer

A Null pointer possesses the value 0. Void pointer happens to be a generic pointer presented by ANSI. A generic pointer can hold the address of any data type.

These were some of the basic interview questions that are asked in TCS interviews. On similar lines, SayTooLoud also shares with you, tips on how to face interviews.

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