Tattoos and Piercings: A No Show For Interviews?

SayTooLoud has been sharing tips for interview with you, all this while. However, today’s tips will be different. Here, we are going to talk about Tattoos and Piercings! Yes, we will find out as to whether you need to hide them during interviews. So, if you are having any of the two, then this blog is a must-read for you…


On paper, your resume demonstrates the ideal job aspirant. On skin, your arm demonstrates an anchor, a few blooms, and a cursive quote. For your interviewer, these two depictions may convey mixed messages.

So, tattoos are no major ordeal, isn’t that so? Furthermore, if that is the situation, is the conventional advice to shroud them for interviews as dated as the shoulder pads inside ladies’ power suits?

You might not believe, but this has become one of the most basic interview questions apart from the other regular ones asked!

A few stats…

As per CareerBuilder survey (the latest one on the topic), 31 percent of about 3,000 hiring managers stated that they would be less inclined to advance somebody with an obvious tattoo, and 37 percent said the same for piercings.

So, here are a few best interview tips and techniques to consider, in this context:

1. Do not permit your piercings to distract your interviewers:

To cover or not relies upon the domain and job role; your recruiter should know whether you intend to wear a bar through your eyebrow at a workplace; the acknowledgment (or absence of it) is a pointer of how you will (or won’t) fit into that organization’s work culture.

Dissimilar to most tattoos, the piercings interviewers are concerned about are ordinarily right on the interviewers face. Notwithstanding whatever feeling a recruiter has about piercings, she’ll concentrate less on your splendid industry insights if he/she can’t refrain from gazing at your septum nose ring.

Do you wish that your interviewer recalls how enthusiastic and smart you are – or do expect her to recollect your tongue? Do what you can to limit the presence of facial piercings, on the grounds that as Gottsman puts it: “If it’s a distraction, it’s an issue. It’s just like wearing two different colored shoes.”

2. Take into consideration your industry norms and your job role:

On the off chance that the position is in a traditional industry, e.g. bookkeeping or banking, its better to cover your tattoo for the initial interview. Gottesman and Wells recommend. While there are special cases – Wells says Bank of America, for instance, has an extremely welcoming tattoo policy – consider this step as a precautionary measure.

3. Disclose that you have one if you are planning to hide it:

Let’s assume you choose to hide your tattoo for the interview in light of the kind of industry or part you’re competing for. Great call. Nonetheless, if the tattoo is inked in a location that would most likely be presented in everyday work – your arms, for instance – bring this up when the recruiter inquires as to whether you have any questions.

This cover-and-tell technique works for different reasons. For one, by covering it, you’re staying away from the potential diversions or perceptions it could lead to.

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