Second-Interviews: Are Thank You Notes Necessary?

Under best interview tips and techniques, today we will be giving you an insight into Thank You Notes. Specially, in case of second interviews.

Many organizations interview candidates for recruiting twice, or more regularly. Second round interviews commonly include more elaborate questions apart from the basic interview questions.


Post the second interview, it’s a smart thought to send a second thank you note or an email. Indeed, it’s particularly imperative following a second interview to set aside the opportunity to compose a personal message to those who interviewed you – regardless of the possibility that you met with them as of now and expressed gratitude towards them for the first interview meeting. Numerous recruiters anticipate that you will reply quickly.

What should it consist of?

While composing a second-interview thank you note, it’s critical to explicitly state why you are the most ideal candidate for the position.

You should make use of your thank you note to fortify the ways your aptitudes and experience are a good match for the job position. Likewise, there might be something you forgot to say amid the interview – so, this is a chance to bring it up. A thanks note is likewise a shot for you to emphasize on your enthusiasm for the job.

Be certain to mention something particular that you and your interviewer talked about, as they probably have interviewed several others as well. This will help refresh their memory and help you to stand out from the crowd.

In the event that there were multiple interviewers, you ought to thank every one of them independently. Every one gets his or her own particular manually written note or an email message.


Your second-interview note, regardless of whether written by hand or mailed, ought to be sent within 24 hours post your second interview.

For getting a better idea, refer a few sample thank you notes online. Practice writing a few during your interview preparation as well.

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