The Right Way To Write A Job Transfer Request!

Shifting a bit away from our regular helpful tips for interview etc., today’s topic of discussion from SayTooLoud is a bit different. Over here, we are going to see tips on how to write a job transfer request.


One may feel that writing a job transfer request is something altogether different. However, you would be surprised to know that figuring out how to write a job transfer request is much the same as framing a resume cover letter; the fundamentals happen to be the same.

For that matter, the initial step in framing an effective job transfer request letter is to examine the situation and be aware as to where you are beginning from; this will allow you to set the tone for the letter and direct it accordingly.

The distinction when figuring out how to prepare a job transfer request letter is that the ball does not remain in your court always; in case of optimum situations, your organization will be pro-actively trying to fill in a position, and your transfer would be more of an internal application than an individual request. In any case, once in a while, the requirement for a job transfer request is entirely personal- maybe a family specific illness or change in individual circumstances is constraining you to relocate, and you are writing with the expectation of moving your job to another area.

Now, we will move on to the writing tips…..

In a way, you can consider them to be career guidance tips, as at some point or the other, you might require to write a job transfer request in your career.

  • Applying for a personal transfer request?

Job transfer requests in the light of personal reasons have the hindrance of not being made particularly to fill in a vacant position. You need to pitch yourself as profitable to the organization- sufficient enough that they would wish to work with you and retain you.

For this sort of job transfer request, follow this guide, and furthermore state why you have to ask for a transfer. Notwithstanding offering your capabilities, truly play up your sense of duty to the organization, and that your want to stay with them.

– Elaborate on why you need to ask for a transfer

– Underline skills and achievements that would be sorely lost

– Have a plan for transition that includes knowledge transfer to a new person for your position

– Appreciate what your company has done for you.

Sample transfer request:

Dear [name},

I am writing in order to respectfully request for a transfer in area from [office A] to [office B]. An alteration in personal circumstances asks for this move. A medical condition in my family has made it mandatory for me to move to [x]. As I have been with this organization for [x time], and have altogether enjoyed my stint here, I am of the opinion that it is in the best of interests for me and of this organization that I relocate, as opposed to leave the organization out and out.

In my stint over here, you have known me to be an individual who [mention skills and attributes]. I wish to continue offering job excellence to this organization, and wish that we can work together to discover an answer that fits both of our needs.

I am aware that this introduces some difficulty for the present location, yet I believe I can still be of service post this relocation, and I will work through [duration of transition] to facilitate training new personnel in my position.

I am truly appreciative about my stint here at [company], the experience was extremely rewarding in various ways

I thank you for setting aside the time to consider my request and eagerly await your decision.





  • Applying for a posted position? – Job transfer requests

In the event that your transfer request is because of a job opportunity inside your organization, treat it like what it truly is-an application with the advantage of company acquaintance. In your letter;

– Underline your skills and experience

– Explain why you want to move up within your organization

– Directly state your purpose for writing

– Straight away, praise the company (do not go overboard)

– Focus should be on what you can do for the company sans any bragging

With the help of a proper business format, a concise job transfer request would appear like this:

Dear [HR Contact/Supervisor],

I came across this opportunity that [blank] department is receiving applications for the [state position]; I am sending my resume for your consideration.

I have been working for [this company] for a period of [x] years, as a [position], and have discovered this to be an exceptionally well run organization, caring of its employees; I simply wish to proceed with my professional growth with this organization as my career advances.

I have been functional in various capacities here at [company], comprising [list]. Every experience has upgraded my skills and abilities; my present position has permitted to [mention what you have learned]. These are skills that I feel would be extremely suited for this position.

I anticipate continued growth inside this organization all through my career and I thank you for considering me.




Job title

The key here is how to compose a job transfer request that is effective is to maintain a balance of your skills and assets with the requirements of the organization.

The examples shown here would also help you in writing.

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