Quitting Your Job? Tips To Make A Graceful Exit

Apart from the usual helpful tips for job interviews, we also share with you, tips related to other elements of your job. This time around, SayTooLoud is going to give you an insight into aspects related to job quitting.

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Quitting a job is probably the most easiest thing to do. The real challenge lies in how you go about quitting the job or after you quit it. In this blog we will learn how to quit a job in a graceful manner.

1. Provide adequate notice:

In the event that you have an employment contract in place, that states how much notice you ought to serve, stay by it. Else, it’s better to offer a two weeks notice in advance.

Quitting in a graceful manner:

The formal method to resign is to write a resignation letter and to inform your senior in person, that you’re quitting the job. Be that as it may, contingent upon circumstances, you may require to quit over the phone or to exit by means of an email.

2. Send a resignation letter:

Despite how you resign, frame a resignation letter. A resignation letter allows you to keep up a positive association with your existing employer, while making the way for you to proceed forward. You never know when you may require that old employer to provide you a reference, so it bodes well to compose a resignation letter that is polished and professional.

A useful tip to remember as a part of interview tips for job.

3. Expressing in front of your boss:

Try not to be negative. There’s no gain – the fact is that you’re leaving and you ensure to leave on a good note.

Do not state considerably more than you are switching. Focus on the positive and discuss how the organization benefited you, yet in addition you can state that it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed forward. Provide help amid the transition and later as well.

4. Surrender company property:

Surrender any company belongings you possess – comprising keys, systems, documents and whatever else that you do not own. The organization wouldn’t like to pursue you to get it back, and you would prefer not to be considered responsible in case it’s not returned in time.

5. Do not sideline the details:

Get to know about the employee benefits and the pay you are qualified for get after leaving. Ask about collecting pending leaves and sick pay, or rolling over your 401(k) or any other applicable pension plan.

You might be requested to be a part of an exit interview, before you leave. Therefore, it is recommended that you go through exit interview questions during your job interview training, to have an idea of what you’ll be asked amid an exit interview.

6. Request for a reference:

Prior to your exit, request for a recommendation letter from your manager. Over the long haul as individuals proceed forward, it’s difficult to keep a track of your past employers. Possessing a letter or an online based LinkedIn suggestion, will enable you to show your credentials to your prospective employers.

7. Go through resignation Do’s and Dont’s:

Before you proceed with your resignation, go through resignation do’s and dont’s such as those mentioned here and resign in a graceful manner.

Following these would help you to quit in a graceful manner. After all, the world is a very small place!

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