A Quick Guide For Interview Preparation !

As a part of best interview tips and techniques, we are going to see today, how to prepare for an interview. This would help you to crack, the toughest ones.


Let’s first see the various types of interviews, based on which you can prepare a strategy for preparation.

There are several types of interviews which can be categorized as follows:


We will take a look at the preparation part for interviews.

Prior to the interview:

  • Plan your commuting in such a manner that you would reach the destination well in advance. Be on time.

  • Frame an answer to questions related to your career gaps and job switching as these questions are bound to come.

  • Do a proper study about the organization.

  • Revise answers to common interview questions and be ready with the questions you wish to ask.

What should you wear?

  • Wear clean and ironed clothes

  • Comb your hair properly

  • Apply a mild perfume

  • Cut your nails

What to carry with you?

  • Resume hard copy as many tend to forget the same

  • A pen

  • Photo identification

  • Academic and other documents

Ways to create a long lasting impression:

Here are a few ways by which you can create a good impression.

  • Be positive:

How to face interview?

Well, “positively”, is the answer.

A positive attitude not just speaks a lot about you, it also helps to give your best performance. It also reflects in your attitude. If you become nervous, it would hamper your performance. The worst thing to happen is, you will not get the job. End of the world? Surely not!

  • Clarity:

Maintain clarity while answering the questions. It helps to avoid the interview going in unwanted territories.

  • Body language:

Your body language is more powerful than your words. A firm handshake with the interviewer while greeting is always welcome. Maintain a steady eye contact. Do not lean on the desk in front of you.

  • Be enthusiastic:

Being enthusiastic shows that you are genuinely interested in the job. Interest on your part would persuade the interviewer to hire you.

Post the interview:

  • Ask for a feedback after you are done with the interview.

  • Learn from the mistakes and work on them such that you won’t repeat them next time.

Think and work on these lines as a part of your interview preparation.

Wishing you success!!!

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