Most Popular Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers!

Last time we saw basic interview questions related to the Java domain. In this blog, we will be seeing most commonly asked software testing interview questions and answers. They would be useful during practice job interview.


1. What are the various test levels?

Following are the four test levels:

– Unit testing

– Integration testing

– System testing

– Acceptance testing

2. What do you mean by Fault Masking?

When one error condition is hiding another error condition.

3. What do you mean by functional system testing?

End to end testing of the functionality of the system overall is termed as functional system testing.

4. What do you mean by monkey/random testing? When can it be used?

Random testing is often called as monkey testing. With this type of testing, data is created randomly regularly utilizing a tool or automation. With this randomly produced input the framework is tested and outcomes are analyzed in like manner. These testing are less dependable; consequently, it is typically utilized by the novices and to see whether the system will sustain under unfavorable situations.

5. What do you mean by maintenance testing?

Activated by modifications, migration or retirement of current software.

6. What are the points of difference between beta and pilot testing?

The contrast amongst pilot and beta testing is that pilot testing is, in fact, utilizing the product (restricted to a few users) and in beta testing we don’t include real data, however, it’s installed towards the end customer to approve if the product can be utilized as a part of the production.

7. What do you mean by equivalence partition? (also called as an equivalence class)

An input or output range of values with the end goal that just a single value in the range turns into a test case.

8. Can you elaborate tailoring?

The name is self-explanatory, tailoring is basically changing an action to accomplish a target as indicated by conditions. At whatever point tailoring is carried out, there ought to be sufficient reasons for it. Keep in mind, when a procedure is defined within an organization, it ought to be taken after appropriately. So, regardless of the possibility that tailoring is implemented the procedure isn’t circumvented or overlooked.

Thus we saw some of the most popular software testing interview questions and answers. For best job interview tips, your destination ought to be SayTooLoud.

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