Planning To Hit The “Apply with Linkedin” Button? 3 Must Know Things

In this blog from SayTooLoud, we are going to see some pointers related to application of job interview online. To be exact, we are going to tell you about the three things you got to know, before you click on the “Apply with Linkedin” button.


The aforementioned button appears on the various employment websites. Post hitting on this button, the applicant is able to edit his/her profile prior to sending it to the employer. Else, one can directly go for the submit button. After doing that, your public LinkedIn profile either directly reaches the employer, or facilitates pre-population of the recruiter’s online appilcation form.

With this, you can view as to who within your network is associated with that employer, thus enabling you to contact that individual to boost your chances of being hired.

Now come the three things which you got to know before hitting on the “Apply with Linkedin” button. Let’s check them out in a question answer format.

  • Whether this offers the recruiter/employer continuous access to an applicant’s profile? What happens after a candidate updates his/her profile? Helps to re-populate the database of the recruiter/employer?

No. The “Apply with Linkedin” feature helps create a PDF snapshot of the candidate profile. This isn’t associated in any manner with the applicant’s profile and thus won’t get updated in the event that the profile was updated.

  • Whether an applicant can close off the access, in case they are not active in the job market?

With the “Apply with Linkedin” feature, a job seeker is not giving profile access to a potential employer or a recruiter. Rather, they happen to be creating a static ‘print out’ profile version as opposed to sending the traditional CV.

  • How much information is provided to an employer? What about the access to sections such as contacts that an applicant has set as private in their profile?

An applicant can edit their profile prior to submitting their application. This allows the employer/recruiter to view only those things which are meant for them. That includes even those sections of the applicant’s profile, that are set to private.

So, there you got it. Things you need to be aware of before proceeding with the “Apply with Linkedin” button.

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