Part 3: Frequently Asked Electrical Engineering Interview Questions!

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1. Why is a thyristor considered to be a Charge controlled device?

Amid the triggering process of the thyristor from forward blocking state to forward conduction state through the gate signal, by implementing the gate signal (voltage amid gate and cathode) expands the minority bearer density in the p-layer and subsequently encourage the turn around break over of the junction J2 and thyristor begins conducting. Higher the extent of the gate current pulse, lesser is the time needed to infuse the charge and turning on the SCR. By controlling the measurement of charge we can control the turning on time of the SCR.

2. What happens to be the function of anti-pumping within the circuit breaker?

At the point when the breaker is closed at one time by close push button, the anti-pumping contactor avoids reclosing the breaker by close push button post on the off chance that it effectively closes.

3. State the power factor of an alternator during no load

At zero load, Synchronous Impedance of the alternator is in charge of creating angle distinction. So it ought to be zero lagging similar to the inductor.

4. Define what is IDMT relay:

It happens to be an inverse minimum time relay. During IDMT relay, its operating is inversely proportional and furthermore a characteristic for min. time after which this relay functions. It is inverse in the sense, the tripping time will diminish as the magnitude of fault current increments.

5. State the full form of the term KVAR:

We are aware that there are three sorts of power in Electricals namely Active, apparent and responsive. So, KVAR represents “Kilo Volt Amps with Reactive component”.

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