Part 2: Interview Questions and Answers For The Mechanical Domain!

Here is the second part of the series on interview questions and answers for the Mechanical domain.

Practice these as it would help to prepare competency answers to interviews…

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1. What types of pipes are used in case of steam lines?

Typically, galvanized pipes are not utilized for steam. Mild steel having screwed or welded fittings are the standard. Temperature and pressure are critical elements to be considered in what kind of materials to be utilized. Steam even at low pressures can be hugely unsafe.

2. What do you call an alloy of tin and lead?

A tin and lead alloy are normally called a solder. Generally, solder is a wire with a core of rosin utilized for fastening. The rosin core goes about as a flux.

3. What do you mean by a gear ratio?

It happens to be the ratio of the number of revolutions of the pinion gear to one revolution of the idler gear.

4. What is called as a positive displacement pump?

This type of pump makes a fluid or gas move by catching a fixed measure of liquid or gas and after that constraining (displacing) that caught volume into the release pipe. Positive displacement pumps can be additionally classified as either rotary sort (for instance the rotary vane) or lobe pumps like oil pumps utilized as a part of auto engines. These pumps give a non-pulsating yield or displacement, unlike the reciprocating pumps. Subsequently, they are called positive displacement pumps.

5. Explain how pipe flanges are electrically insulated?

Pipe flanges are shielded from corrosion by carrying out electrolysis, with dielectric flanges. The piping framework is electrically insulated by what is known as a sacrificial anode. A bag of readily corrodible metal is covered in the ground with a wire running from the pipe to the bag so the sacrificial anode will erode initially. On the off chance that any electrical current charges the pipe, it likewise fills in as a ground.

These were some of the basic interview questions and answers, as far as the mechanical domain is concerned.

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