Part 1: Interview Questions and Answers For The Mechanical Domain!

Over here, we are going to see basic interview questions and answers to them. This being the first part of this series, we will continue with these in the next part as well.


Let’s now get on with the interview questions and answers…

1. Define the second law of thermodynamics?

The entropy of the universe increases as time passes and reaches a maximum value. This is what the second law of thermodynamics states.

2. What is ferrite?

Ferrite is nothing but a magnetic iron rock.

3. Describe the Otto cycle?

The Otto cycle can be clarified with the help of a pressure-volume relationship diagram. It demonstrates the working cycle of a four-stroke engine. The cycle begins with an intake stroke, shutting the intake and moving on to the compression stroke, beginning of combustion, power stroke, heat exchange stroke where heat is rejected and the exhaust stroke. It was designed by Nicolas Otto, a German engineer.

4. What do you mean by uniformly distributed load?

A UDL or uniformly distributed load is a load, which is spread across a beam such that every unit length is loaded to a similar degree.

5. What do you understand by an isometric drawing?

It is nothing but a 3-D drawing used by architects, craftsmen etc.

6. Why are gas containers cylindrical in shape most of the times?

The most efficient shape for sustaining high pressure is a sphere, however, that would be expensive to fabricate. A cylinder with a domed top portion and a domed base (look at the bottom, the flat base is in fact welded around the outside, the base of the gas holder is actually dome-shaped) is a significantly less expensive shape to manufacture while as yet having great strength to sustain the internal gas pressure.

7. What do you mean by a representative elementary volume?

Smallest possible volume over which estimations can be made that will yield a representative of the entirety.

Presented before you, some of the interview questions and answers for the mechanical domain. Keep in touch with SayTooLoud and benefit from interview tips and skills.

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