Part 1: Interview Questions and Answers For The Civil Domain!

As a part of interview preparation, we are starting a new series wherein we will see commonly asked Civil interview questions and answers. These would help you to prepare for an interview. So, let’s begin with the first part of this series.

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1. How does one measure concrete?

Cubic yards, cubic feet, and cubic meter.

2. Which is the tallest man-made structure on earth?

The tallest man-made structure happens to be the KVLY-TV mast which is 2063 feet in height. The tallest man-made structure in the world is Burj Dubai which is 800 meters in height.

3. What are the major reasons for a building collapse?

There are quite a few reasons behind a building collapse. Time is the principle reason. Additionally, weaker foundations, common catastrophes like earthquakes, storms and so forth. are the major factors behind a building collapse. Demolition and bombing are adding another major factor.

4. Explain the basic difference between adsorption, absorption, and sorption?

Absorption alludes to the phenomenon where an atom, ions or a molecule enter any bulk phase such as a gas, liquid or solid. Absorption alludes to the phenomenon where photon’s energy is transferred to some other entity.

Adsorption is like absorption. It alludes to the surface instead of a volume. Adsorption occurs when the gas or fluid solute aggregates on the surface of the solid. A substance diffuses into solid or liquid to form a solution.

5. Mention the building codes:

These codes happen to be the group of specifications to guarantee the safety related to any building construction. These codes are related to the spacing, height and building installation. These codes assume a vital part in clearing the building if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis situations.

With the help of above interview questions, you will get an idea of the questions employers can ask you in the interview. Go through some more basic interview questions and prepare the answers precisely.

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