Part 1: Frequently Asked Electrical Engineering Interview Questions!

Just like the interview questions related to the Civil engineering domain, SayTooLoud would like to share with you, frequently asked electrical basic interview questions for the electrical graduates.

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You can go through these questions and answers, while you practice your interview.

1. What do you mean by a system?

At the point when various components or elements are linked in a sequence to perform a particular function, the gathering of components that all, constitute a System.

2. Enlist the different types of Control Systems?

Two noteworthy sorts of Control Systems are 1) Open Loop Control System 2) Closed Loop Control Systems

Open Loop Control Systems: The Open Loop Control System is one in which the Output Quantity has no impact on the Input Quantity. No feedback is available from the output quantity to the input quantity for correction.

Closed Loop Control System: The Closed Loop Control System is one in which the feedback is given from the Output quantity to the input quantity for the correction in order to keep up the desired yield of the system.

3. What do you mean by a latching current?

Gate signal is required to be applied to the thyristor to trigger the thyristor ON within safe mode. At the point when the thyristor begins carrying the forward current over the minimum value, termed as Latching current, the gate signal which is applied in order to trigger the gadget in never again require to keep the SCR in ON position.

4. What do you mean by reverse power relay?

Reverse Power flow relay is utilized as a part of producing stations’ security. A generating stations should feed power to the grid and on the off chance that producing units are off, there is no production in the plant at that point plant may consume power from the grid. To prevent the stream of power from the grid to generator we utilize reverse power relay.

5. What is called as knee point voltage?

Knee point voltage is noted for electrical Current transformers and is an important factor to pick a CT. It is the voltage at which a CT gets saturated.(CT-current transformer).

We saw a few questions and answers over here and would continue with them in the next part in this series. Visit SayTooLoud for interview tips and questions.

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