Not 100% Qualified? Here’s How You Can Still Nail The Job Interview!

In this blog from SayTooLoud, we would be discussing about some helpful tips for interview. We are going to tell you ways in which you can nail a job interview, even if you are not qualified for the same!


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In spite of the fact that a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review discovered that 46.4% of men and 40.6% of women did not apply for the jobs since they felt that they did not possess the qualifications to get hired, although in actuality, that happens to be a false perception. You can get a job regardless of whether you’re 100% qualified or not.

On the off chance that you were successful in scoring an interview, odds are the employer and the hiring managers are aware that you’re falling short on maybe a couple of qualifications, however, they came across something unique in your resume and need you to wow them.

Take after these steps to utilize your in-person powers of influence to convince the hiring manager that you can carry out the job and perform well.

1. Elaborate how your current skills are in sync to the requirements:

Consider the job description to be your guide for interview preparation by completing two activities suggested by experts.

Possibly, a requirement is an experience in training new employees, and you don’t possess the hard skills for the same—however, you are a cricket coach in your leisure time, so you are aware about a thing or two regarding teaching skills to new learners.

Scan through the job responsibilities line by line and, for any qualification you don’t fulfill, think about a period from your past where you accomplished something comparable or relevant. At that point, conceptualize three additional reasons why you’d be stunning at doing that specific task and prepare your answers ahead of time. This is the gist of what Jaime Petkanics, founder of the New York City-based job search consultancy The Prepary, has to state.

So, now you have replies in the event that they question regarding these skills. However, you don’t have to bring them up unless another person does.

2. Communicate to them that you are prepared to rise up to a challenge:

Discuss a duration when you adapted in accordance with a new job or new roles in a part where you beforehand lacked experience.

Talk about what you did to get acquainted with a problem and how you came up with a plan and an answer. The goal is to demonstrate that you are a fast learner and proactively found a way to get up to speed.

In case you’ve just started your career, odds are you needed to wear a considerable measure of hats previously—those that you hadn’t worn already. Possibly you were hired to manage a team, yet you were additionally requested to come up with press releases. Possibly, you were employed as a graphic designer, however you wound up composing copy taglines, too. Demonstrate that you’re scrappy and willing to do whatever is necessary, regardless of whether you need to hone some new skill-set.

Make this a part of your practice job interview.

3. Hone some new skills-quickly:

Just in light of the fact that you’re not an ace at each program or expertise they’re requesting, that doesn’t imply that you can’t learn what you require in time for the interview. Being proactive about professional growth now will go far.

E.g. On the off chance that there is a program in the skills section that you’re not acquainted with, go for an online tutorial so that you can comprehend the fundamental concepts.

At that point, in case you’re questioned about it at the interview, you’ll have the capacity to demonstrate that you showed interest and possess the desired knowledge—a win-win situation.

Sometimes, simply telling them that you’re honing that skill will be sufficient to impress them.

One method to get more interview calls is to ensure your resume underlines the transferable skills and applies your current strengths to the job you’re keen on doing.

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