Mostly Asked Top 5 Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

SayTooLoud presents a blog on the top 5 behavioral interview questions and answers for freshers. Cracking domain related interview questions would be easy, however, majority find it difficult to crack behavioral interview questions. Here is a blog that lists out basic interview questions and answers for freshers, along with some tips on how to answer them. Go through them to get an idea and a feel of such type of questions.

Mostly Asked Top 5 Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Behavioral interview questions and answers for freshers:

How do you face and handle a challenge? Explain by giving an example

There was a situation where my supervisor was required to go out of town unexpectedly and we were into talks with a new client. That’s when I was assigned the task of preparing a presentation with just the inputs he had left and a brief from his manager.

The presentation given by me turned out successful and we cracked the deal! An achievement I feel.

What in case you have a difference of opinion with somebody at work?

Some time ago, I happened to work with a supervisor who asked me to come up with ways to outsource the major portion of our department’s work. On the other hand, I was of the opinion that the in-house staff would have a huge effect on the effectiveness and capacity to deal with our clients. I came up with a solid case to her, and she obliged with a compromise plan.

Can you explain with an example, how you go about setting goals?

Inside a few weeks of my first job in the sales department of a store, I realized that I needed to be in the hospitality business.

I came up with a plan that I would progress my way up to the position of department manager, and by then I would have sufficient funds in hand to have the capacity to attend hospitality school full-time.

I did only that, and I even got my first job via an internship which I finished, the summer before graduation.

How do you handle pressure?

The deadline for one of our projects was 60 days initially. However, it was rescheduled to 45 days by our supervisor. Other projects were also running in a parallel manner.

That’s when we sat together and decided to put in some extra working hours. I feel we did that with dedication and the expected delivery was in fact done inside 42 days itself.

It was definitely team work and the idea of putting extra hours came from me.

Have you committed a mistake? How did you deal with it?

Yes, of course I have committed mistakes a number of times. (You can mention a particular example specific to you.) However, I feel that they are learning curves for any person.

My way of dealing with mistakes is that at first I accept them. I feel that only when one accepts mistakes, they can improve on them and not commit the same mistake again.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, some of the frequently asked behavioral interview questions and answers for freshers, are as follows:

  1. State a goal you achieved, and also explain how you went about it.

  2. Explain giving an example, how you worked on a team

  3. How do you motivate your co-workers and employees?

  4. Describe making an unpopular decision and how you managed to implement it.

  5. Have you dealt with a difficult situation? How?

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