A List of Top Electronics Engineering Interview Questions With Best Answers

A must have rundown of Electronics Engineering interview questions and answers, for all the job seekers out there. Keep in mind that these are the most frequently asked questions, so, base your preparation around them without fail.

A List of Top Electronics Engineering Interview Questions With Best Answers

List of Electronics Engineering interview questions along with answers to them:

  1. What do you understand when one says ‘practical voltage source’?

A device having a small internal resistance.

  1. What are Negative ions?

Negative ions are nothing but the atoms that have obtained an electron.

  1. Define what is an ideal voltage source?

An ideal voltage source is a device having zero internal resistance.

  1. What is a path that is capable of carrying an electrical current between two points called?

A path between two points along which an electrical current can be carried is called a circuit.

  1. State the unit of Electrical resistance

The unit of Electrical Resistance is called as Ohm.

  1. Which is the most widely used semiconductor element?

The most widely used semiconductor element happens to be Silicon.

A few more expected Electronics Engineering interview questions, and answers to them….

  1. What do the Holes act as?

The Holes act as positive charges.

  1. Explain what do you mean by a Clipper?

A circuit that gets rid of a part (either negative or positive) of a waveform with the aim that it does not go above a specific voltage level.

  1. What do you mean by a Clamper?

A Clamper happens to be a circuit that adds a DC voltage (either negative or positive) to a wave.

  1. What does a Transistor serve to be?

A Transistor acts both as a Current Source and a Diode

These happen to be the top 10 interview questions for Electronics Engineering. For such common interview questions and answers for freshers, do browse through the SayTooLoud website. You can also get more interview questions and answers there.

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