Interview Tips: Describing A Difficult Problem and How You Tackled It!

Ever wondered how you would go about answering an interview question related to a difficult problem you faced and the way in which you handled it.


If not, then you better do, as more often than not, you would be facing such basic interview questions.

To help you out, SayTooLoud has got some useful tips for answering such a question appropriately.

Before that, you got to be aware that this particular question can be asked in the following manner as well:

– Please describe a difficult problem faced by you, and how you dealt with it?

– Which is the most difficult situation faced by you?

  • What is expected in the answer?

This question is quite certain to come up and in-spite of the fact that the interviewer asked how you tackled it or resolved the problem, he actually wishes to know how you worked along with a team to fix the problem. This one is a problem solving question that analyzes your critical thinking abilities and is waiting for two snippets of information: Your interpretation of difficult and how you handled the problem.

The interviewer does not have any desire to listen as to how you fixed a PC or restored a stuck printer. An example of you being a good team player, is the best approach to answer this question.

  • Tips for interview questions related to this:

This is an ideal question for demonstrating that you are a creative and competent problem solver. You ought to have at the least one of these stories to tell that will help you to appear good (it’s alright to gloat a little during an interview), however, having some of them will enable you to additionally elaborate on the question. Attempt to maintain a strategic distance from colleague related issues unless you had fired someone.

Your story ought to be the one which places you in a difficult and tough position where you broke down and talked about the problem, reached to a conclusion, and that you ended up on the top and it turned out to be a win-win situation for the organization.

  1. Recall a problem you faced in the past

  2. Define and state the problem, the outcome you expected, and the probable solutions

  3. Then state about the individuals you had to work with and what were the expectations from them and how did you come together and work for achieving your goal.

Do not feel bad on the off chance that you were not the hero in the real-life problem, rather to answer this question to the interviewer, kept yourself in the spotlight and spoke like you were the superstar.

This would do the trick in all probability.

With you now having the knowledge of how to answer this question, go and face it confidently.

Meanwhile, keep getting helpful tips for job interviews, only on SayTooLoud...

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