Interview Stress: How To Get Rid Of It?

Interview stress is a common thing. It can be termed as the side effect of an interview process. One needs to overcome the interview stress situation in order to succeed. For that, we would have to understand the different aspects related to the same.


In this blog, we are going to see tips for interview stress, i.e. how to tackle it.

Before moving on to the tips, let’s check out a few facts related to interview stress…

1. In what manner do interviewers create stress during an interview?

The following things from interviewer could lead to stressful situations:

  • When the interviewer mocks or laughs at you

  • Interviewer fires you with a series of rapid questions

  • Multiple interviewers ask questions simultaneously

  • Cuts your answers in between

  • Blames you for bluffing

  • Appears disinterested

  • Doubts your caliber and integrity

2. The reason to conduct a stress interview:

This kind of interview lands you in trouble. Keep in mind that this is a part of the interview process. The interviewer is passing judgment on you based on cool temper, tactfulness, boldness, self-command or control. All the more vitally, such interviews uncover whether you can take logical decisions under challenging situations. Every one of these aspects blend to form imperative reasons for what purpose ought to be put under stress during interviews.

Since we have comprehended the essential elements of stress interviews now, let’s see some basic do’s and dont’s that you have to remember so as to deal with these interviews successfully. Make them a part of your interview preparation and abide by them.

With the help of these, facing stress interviews would become easier. Truth be told, with the correct attitude, you can utilize them for your benefit.

3. Do’s:

– Maintain an eye contact throughout

– Keep a smiling face- some amount of wit helps

– Keep your poise and composure

– In the event that interviewers don’t demonstrate any kind of emotion, don’t be bothered by that – simply focus on the content of your answers.

– The interviewers could oppose a stand taken by you, you ought to have the capacity to value their perspective likewise i.e. you ought to have the capacity to value the pros and cons of any problem. You ought to be prepared to take a stand and clutch on to it, and you ought to be convinced about it. You could simply say that “sorry, we differ in our opinions, but I firmly believe in mine.”

– Show confidence from your body language and arguments.

– If interviewers are asking a number of questions at a quick pace, you should go for one question at a time.

4. Dont’s:

– Creating unnecessary humor

– Portray your anger or getting agitated under any kind of circumstances

– Getting nervous- e.g. mumbling, lack of eye contact, clasping of hands etc.

Following these dos and donts would help you in tackling stress interviews with ease. Get back to us for write-ups on how to face interviews etc.

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