Interview Questions Related To Strengths and Weaknesses!

SayTooLoud is your place for interview tips and skills. Today, we will be dealing with an important part of interviews, that is strengths and weaknesses related questions and how to go about answering them.


One amongst the most basic interview questions happens to be, “Which is your greatest weakness?”. The second most likely one coming your way is “Which is your greatest strength?”.

With such questions, the recruiter is endeavouring to figure out what qualities you have that will enable you to succeed in your job in the event that you are hired, and in addition what could be problem causing.

A few interview questions related to strengths:

  • Which is your greatest strength?

  • Which are the things you are passionate about?

  • Which strength of yours would help you to succeed in the job?

  • What happened to be your biggest strength as a student?

  • Being a student, what was your biggest strength?

Some basic interview questions about weaknesses:

  • Which is your greatest weakness?

  • What is your action plan to overcome your weaknesses?

  • Which part of your job could be the most challenging for you?

  • When were you angry the last time? What had happened?

  • Which is the thing people most often criticize about you?

How to go about answering these?

While replying to questions concerning your strengths and weaknesses, always keep the job description at the back of your mind. While tending to questions regarding your strengths, concentrate on strengths you possess that are needed for the job. For instance, if a job requires a considerable measure of work on team ventures, you may state that you are a reasonable communicator who can work with various groups of individuals.

While answering questions concerning your weaknesses, dodge shortcomings that would portray that you are unfit for the job. For instance, if the job position requires a great deal of technical ability, don’t state that your shortcoming is technology. Likewise, regardless of what shortcoming you choose, try and put a positive outlook to your answer.

E.g. you may state that you are attempting to improve a specific shortcoming, or clarify how a shortcoming may be viewed as a strength (for instance, on the off chance that you are a bit too meticulous, you can clarify how this in certainty, encourages you come up with quality work).

Thus we saw a few basic interview questions, related to strengths and weaknesses. We also saw the approach to answer them. Now you can face these questions in a better manner. That’s what we feel.

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