How To Answer Question On Short and Long Term Goals

It’s time for interview preparation, and SayTooLoud would like to share helpful tips for job interviews, with all of you. Specially, for all the job seekers. Over here, we will see tips on how to answer the question based on your short and long term goals. Amongst the highly probable questions.

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So, be prepared.

Prior to the tips, we will try to understand as to what is the purpose behind asking this question.

  • Understanding the purpose:

The quite obvious reason you’ll be posed with this question is that interviewers can get an insight as to how ambitious you are, the manner in which you’ve defined your objectives and how you intend to accomplish these. This is on account of they need to decide whether you’re a determined candidate with an emphasis on growth and progression.

Secondly, hiring managers need to know about your commitment towards the organization. All things considered, they’ll expect a level of dedication and loyalty in your short and long term objectives, while they’ll likewise expect knowledge of the organization’s products, history and objectives. In this manner, the employee will see exactly how their business syncs into helping you accomplish your personal goals.

Another thing is that, recruiters want to perceive as to how well you’ve understood the job description and how the responsibilities involved tie in with your short and long haul objectives. They need to see that you’ve comprehended your daily responsibilities, and how you can perform these as a part of your objectives and your success at the organization.

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  • How to answer:

Keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, while answering this question, you’ll have to demonstrate your knowledge with regards to the job description, your sense of duty towards the organization and the objectives you’ve set for your career.

While preparing an answer to this question, set aside some time to consider your goals, the set of job responsibilities and how the organization could fit in with your career plans. Despite the fact that this may appear like you’re binding yourself to a solitary role, this is additionally an effective method to see whether the job is truly meant for you.

Your short and long term objectives should be connected. For instance, you can’t say that your short term objective is to work in the field of IT, however, your long haul objective is to open your own food chain. Likewise, your goals should identify with the job. It’s a smart thought to center around intangible qualities of work (e.g. “I would prefer working at a place that gives me happiness”) rather than more of tangible objectives (“I wish to become the CEO of your organization”).

A non-effective answer:

E.g. “My short term goal is to work for your esteemed organization, putting everythin each day and be absolutely amazing. My long haul objectives are to earn lot’s of money, become famous and retire at the age of 55.

An effective answer:

E.g. “My short term objectives include just getting a break into the field. Being a college pass out, I have to begin fabricating a solid existence in the domain, job in an organization I regard and doing something I enjoy. My long haul objectives are to take over new responsibilities inside the organization, at last achieving higher positions as they open and helping the organization prevail in the industry.”

This happens to be a good response. It suggests, however does not assume that you will stay with the organization you are interviewing for, because an interviewer is probably not going to believe that you trust you will be with the company permanently. In any case, the thing that you are willing demonstrates that you may commit, and the organization likes to see individuals whose short and long haul objectives have them possibly remaining with the organization.

A few tips.

– Do not suck up.

– Your long term and short term goals need to be in sync.

– Portraying that you would commit to the company long haul, is an advantage.

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By now, you must have got a fair bit of idea on how to answer this question. Next time, be confident and express your answer properly. A job is not far away!

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