Interview Preparation for Freshers: How To Introduce At A Job Interview?

The question that troubles the most. How to break the ice during an interview? What is the correct approach to introduce yourself in an interview? Cheer up! As this blog from SayTooLoud is going to be the answer to these questions. That’s because, we are going to share with you, tips on self-introduction at an interview, as a part of interview preparation for freshers. Have your doubts cleared right here!


1. Introducing in the best possible way:

On arrival:

When you touch base at an interview site, give a self-introduction to the receptionist by mentioning your name and the reason for your visit. E.g. “My name is Michael Jones and I have come here for a scheduled interview with Mr. Peter at 3pm.” or “I am David Bellows and I have an appointment scheduled with Justin Clark at 11am.”

On meeting the hiring manager:

Offer to shake hands, regardless of whether the interviewer offer the hand or not. It’s a good decorum to incorporate a handshake as a major aspect of your introduction. Tell the interviewer that it is a joy to meet them, smile, and make sure to look into their eyes. For instance: “I’m Alisha Lionel, it’s pleasure meeting you”

Note: To abstain from sweat-soaked palms, go to the restroom prior to the meeting and wash and wipe your hands. On the off chance that that is not possible, utilize a tissue to dry your hands well before.

A tip to remember and practice during interview preparation for freshers.

2. Keep it short and sweet:

Your introduction ought to be sufficiently concise to catch the attention of the interviewer.

Majority of the interviews would begin with a basic interview questions such as Tell me about yourself”.

The focus of your answer should concentrate on the key components in your background which will empower you to exceed expectations in the job for which you are interviewing.

You ought to deliberately investigate the job before the interview so that you can call attention to the skills, interests, encounters, and individual qualities which will empower you to meet or surpass the prerequisites.

Prepare competency answers to interviews, during practice.

Emphasize on your qualifications:

Usually, a fast recap of your most convincing qualifications will do the trick. You could likewise mention two or three tidbits which are not required for the job, but rather mirror your persona like the way that you are an avid mountaineer, have performed at drama clubs, or gather stamps.

Be ready for follow up questions:

The interviewer could catch up your introduction with more questions, so recall that you should bolster whatever assertions you put forth amid your introduction.

Be ready to give particular cases of how and where you have used your skills for effectively carrying out work or volunteer parts, academic projects or other beneficial undertakings.

3. Interview mannerisms:

You will be relied upon to act professionally all throughout the interview from greeting the interviewer to expressing gratitude.

During preparation, you can check out on interview tips and skills related to this.

It is pretty clear that these things need to be followed during interview preparation for freshers, if you want to come out with flying colours.

SayTooLoud wishes you all the best !!!

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