Interview Preparation for Freshers: 5 Basic Not To Be Ignored Interview Tips!

SayTooLoud is back with best interview tips for job, and this time we are going to give you basic tips that form an integral part of interview preparation for freshers.


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1. Do not try to argue:

Be professional and put forth your viewpoint. If there is a difference of opinion between you and the interviewer, do not state it to be invalid. Try to understand his/her point of view even if it clashes with your own. That doesn’t imply that you have to agree with them.

2. Address the interviewer with respect and politeness:

It is polite and a good practice to refer the hiring manager as Sir/Maam. Other option is that you can call them by their surname (Mr. or Mrs. XYZ). Avoid using terms like Dude, Honey etc. An aspect to keep in mind and practice as a part of interview preparation for freshers.

3. Answer directly and to the point:

Speak your ideas in a clear manner. Likewise, support your ideas with examples. Do not shower words and stick to the point while answering. Avoid deviating too much from the question.

4. Have your questions ready:

Majority of the interviewers will give you an opportunity to ask questions. Make maximum use of this chance to depict your knowledge and interest with regards to the company. In addition, this is your best chance to have your doubts cleared.

This forms an important part of interview preparation for freshers.

5. Be presentable at the interview:

The way you appear should reflect that you are damn serious about the interview. Do not go in a manner that does not suit you. Following grooming tips would help you,

– Polished shoes

– Hair that is well groomed

– Well ironed clothes

Follow these interview tips for freshers that would help you land your first job.

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