Interview Tips: How Do You Handle Pressure and Stress?

Stress and pressure have become an integral part of our lives. Both personal and professional. So much so that even interviewers these days, can ask you basic interview questions like how do you handle pressure and stress? It comes as a surprise to most of us, as we are not prepared for a question like this. The question comes unexpected.


But then, what is the correct approach to answer such a question?

Don’t worry, as SayTooLoud would be sharing with you, some tips to answer such a question during interviews.

First things first, be aware that the expected response to this particular question isn’t ‘I don’t get stressed.’ All of us feel stress and pressure at sometime or the other, the interviewer or the board needs to know your way to deal with the unavoidable emotions that accompany most occupations sooner or later. This needs to be understood.

A few sample answers to the question ‘how do you handle stress and pressure?

  1. When managing stress and pressure, I pause for a minute to set the priority of what I have going on. Performance pressure is considered good as far as I don’t permit it to transform into negative stress. I set priority based on what is genuinely critical and focus on doing it and that too in a proper manner.

  1. I tend to work best when under pressure, as rest of the things don’t divert or draw me from the job at hand.

For this question, you can prepare and practice answers on these lines, during your interview preparation.

  1. I don’t usually face issues with things like pressure and stress. My strategy basically remains to prioritize, concentrate and get the job done.

  1. I respond to the situation rather than to the resulting stress. I carry out an analysis of the situation and then make a move that will help to prevent negative stress.

  1. I think I have identified the points of difference between positive pressure and negative stress and respond likewise. I lessen the negative stress by facing the situation and perform to the best of my abilities under positive pressure by giving my best shot.

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These were just a few sample answers to this question. You can prepare your answers along these lines, by making the desired changes.

Tackling the stresses and pressures that accompany a job is a piece of life that a great many people know they need to find a solution to. Be aware about yourself, know how to respond to stress and how to maintain a strategic distance from negative stress that turns you sick or less productive. With self awareness and awareness of your responses, you at that point can deal with how to handle pressure and stress successfully.

SayTooLoud would continue to bring to you, helpful tips for job interviews, as a part of its blogs.

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