Important Interview Questions and Tips For A Music Teacher Position!

Getting a music teacher’s job is by no means easy. You need to prepare for it just like any other job position. One can expect particular kind of questions, during an interview for this position. What are they? Wish to know them? Then, you are at the right place !


Here is a blog dedicated to music teacher interview questions along with tips for interview. Let’s begin with the most obvious interview question:

1. As always, tell me about yourself:

This question fills two needs – right off the bat, it allows the hiring mangers to take in more about you, your family and field of interests and to communicate with you on an individual level. Besides, it allows you to feel more at ease by discussing a topic you know about – YOURSELF! You could convey to the board where you were brought up, your musical inclinations and passions, your jobs before this position and why you like to work in this field. You can likewise state about your family and different hobbies you possess.

Do practice answer to this question during your interview preparation, as this is the most probable thing to be asked.

2. Enlighten us regarding your professional journey – what conferences or events have you been to as of late? Have you been a part of any online study? How would you stay aware with latest educational trends?

This is a good opportunity to demonstrate that you are making proactive moves to ceaselessly build up your skills, find new repertoire, go for new methods and remain fully informed with regards to technology. On the off chance that you haven’t had the budget to go to numerous conferences and occasions in person you may get a kick out of the chance to think about some online learning.

Here are a few things that can help you:

– Free of cost Music Tech Teacher podcast (weekly new episodes)

– Detailed online courses and other training as a part of the Midnight Music Community (PD certificates are provided)

– iPads in Music Education free of charge course (received via email)

3. Go through a few selections you would plan for an upcoming orchestra or choral or a band concert

Enlist those things that is suitable for the position you are applying for and bring it into the interview. Trust us, there is quite a chance that you will go blank when asked something such as this regardless of whether you are a specialist in your area!

In this manner, prepare competency answers to interviews.

4. Describe your weakness:

This question happens to be a classic interview question and it invariably comes up in interviews in each of the fields, regardless of what the job or degree of responsibility. One believes that it’s best to consider maybe a couple of genuine shortcomings you possess, yet ensure you choose something that can be overcome and what is your action plan to conquer it.

5. What is your way to tackle with discipline issues?

A couple of things that you can state here: I would have clarity about the conduct strategies that I would set up on the very first day. I would have clear guidelines for the music room and follow through when rules are broken. I would likewise concentrate on encouraging feedback and relying upon the age of the studies, utilize some sort of award system. Innovation can help here – applications such as Class Dojo are good for following and rewarding student conduct. Demonstrate that you have frameworks set up to deal with an assortment of classroom problems.

Listed above were some of the important interview questions and tips to answer them. Stay tuned to SayTooLoud, for more of such tips for job interviewing skills.

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