Hot Favourite Engineer Interview Questions !

SayTooLoud would like to present you with a rundown of engineer interview questions that are hot favourites amongst hiring managers. Knowing them would help you in your interview preparation and prepare competency answers to interviews.


Engineer specific interview questions differ in light of whether you are applying for a job role as an electrical, computer, mechanical, civil or any other kind of engineer.

In any case, any kind of engineer job interview will incorporate questions that evaluate your technical knowledge, your engineering aptitudes, and your capacity to speak with colleagues and customers.

Following is a rundown of FAQs, as far as engineering interview questions are concerned:

Interview questions for Engineers:

  • Brief me about the most challenging engineering project you way a part of, during the last year.

  • Tell us about your logic success while solving an engineering related problem.

  • What efforts are you taking to stay updated with the latest technological advancements?

  • Did you have a difficult experience with any client? What did you do to handle the situation? What different would you have done in that case?

  • What kind of engineering skills have you learnt and improved during the last year?

Resume related questions:

  • Tell us about your salary expectations

  • Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

  • Outside of school and work, what have you achieved that has made you feel proud?

  • What is the reason of you being unemployed currently?

Technical interview questions:

  • What quantity of oil is required to pollute the ocean?

  • Distinguish between Corsim and Vissim models

  • What are the software’s you have learned during the last year?

  • What methods can be used to filter contaminants in drinking water?

  • What is the necessary information to repair a mid-beam of a building?

Personal attributes related questions:

  • What stands as the biggest challenge for you in this position?

  • As a civil engineer, what are your strengths?

  • Describe how you see your ideal boss to be like

Questions related to problem solving:

  • Tell me about how you applied problem solving skills with regards to a design related challenge

  • Which on-site work is most challenging for you?

  • Tell us about any situation where you took initiative or did show an entrepreneurial approach

Civil engineer specific interview questions:

  • Why did you opt for this particular job?

  • Why did you choose civil engineering as your major or domain?

  • Tell about a circumstance when a project or proposition of yours met resistance or was not adopted in an opportune manner. How did you deal with this situation?

  • What appeals to you the most about working for our organization?

These were some of the popular interview questions for engineers. We will continue to share with you, best interview tips for job and other useful information.

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