Helpful Tips for Job Interviews!

SayTooLoud is here with some helpful tips for job interviews, that would ensure that you appear your best while attending one. We will bring them to you in the form of do’s and dont’s. So, get ready as we proceed…


Best interview tips and techniques:


  • Plan so as to reach on time or a couple of minutes early. A late entry for a job interview is never acceptable.

  • Hold up until the point that you are offered a seat prior to sitting. Sit upright and appear alert and interested. Be a patient and good listener and in addition, a decent talker. Grin!

  • Address the interviewer using their first name.

  • Take after the interviewer’s leads, however, endeavor to get them to depict the position and duties during the early part of the interview. So, you can associate your skills and background to the particular position.

  • Maintain constant eye contact.

  • Ensure you pass on your good points in a factual manner and earnestly. Remember that only you can pitch yourself to an interviewer. Influence them to realize why they require you in their organization.

  • Always carry yourself as though you are resolved to land the job position. Never shut the entryway on an opportunity. It is smarter to be free to chose from various jobs as opposed to just a single one.

Continuing with the helpful tips for job interviews, we will now move on to the dont’s for an interview.


  • Lie.

Always answer the questions honestly, to the point and as precisely as could be possible.

  • Questioning regarding your salary, holidays or bonuses during the first interview.

Unless you are sure the employer is keen on hiring you and initiates the discussion. Be that as it may, be aware of your market worth and be set up to specify your desired pay or range.

  • Reply with a straightforward ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Utilize the CAR technique (i.e. Context, Action, Result) wherever feasible. Tell things about yourself identifying with the position.

  • Depict your discouragement.

In the event that you get the impression the interview isn’t going admirably and you have been rejected already, don’t demonstrate demoralization or caution. At times, an interviewer who is actually interested in you, may appear to discourage you with a specific end goal to test your response.

  • Ever make derogatory comments about your current or previous bosses, peers or organizations.

  • ‘Over-answer’ questions.

The interviewer may direct the discussion into the politics or economics forte. The best way is to answer the questions in a honest manner, discussing nothing more than what is vital.

SayTooLoud would continue to provide you with more of such helpful tips for job interviews, in the future as well.

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