Hating Recruiters: Is It Really Worth It?

One might feel, what kind of question is this? Does this really happen? Well, we would come to know only after we go into the details. That’s exactly what we are going to do, in this blog from SayTooLoud. A bit different from our regular helpful tips for interview etc.

hating recruiter

Off late, Recruiter Daily had published an interview with Ian Bellingham, who happens to be a recruiter. He stated that he was surprised with the poor service he’d gotten from employers, when he was hunting for a job.

One feels a bit disappointed to hear such a news.

It appears that numerous individuals think about consultants as being an essential evil. A last year research conducted by Destination Talent demonstrated that 64% of the working professionals have got a job at least once in their career, with the help of a recruitment service. In any case, 33% had a negative feedback, and just 18.66% considered recruitment firms to be fruitful.

The “perception” that recruiters provide poor services, won’t change later on. It will dependably be troublesome for individuals to think that they are benefiting from good service. At the point when individuals are searching for a job, they happen to be helpless. Accepting a change is troublesome for most of us. That is the reason we continue with jobs we severely dislike and remain in professions we despise.

A portion of the perception surrounding recruitment consultants originates from the service they do not offer – for instance, the calls that are not returned. One can’t gauge and reward service similar to measuring sales. There are numerous individuals in the mix, and it’s quite intangible.

Consider this. Being a candidate, you happen to sell yourself at all times. On the off chance that a recruiter rejects you when you are having the feeling of vulnerability and you’ve set out your best foot forward, you take it considerably harder than you may, when there is nothing much at stake. You can consider it to be an impression of your whole career. In the event that you are feeling that way and awaiting for a call from the recruiter that comes late or with vague data, you take it out on the individual who has built your desires – i.e. the recruitment expert.

The commission centered business model that agencies utilize is dug in. It’s a popular model. There’s huge cash to be made. It needs a brave business to reprieve that model. Sales success is anything but difficult to quantify and reward. You happen to be a consultant. You place an individual. You meet with your revenue targets. You obtain the commission. Nonetheless, as Greg states, it isn’t a model that prompts recruiters responsible for the person.

What about the future?

There happen to be game changers at work as individuals turn out to be all the more socially media savvy. Facebook effectively associates old pals. Jobs get circulated rapidly and effortlessly. Linkedin additionally has got some interesting features which now enable you to take a gander at an advertised

role, at that point see who is there in your network who is acquainted with the advertiser. With the innovation that enables individuals to minister candidate data accessible on the web, and numerous companies having cash referral plans, we may see increasing recruitment capacities move in house.

By now you might have cracked the question “should we actually “hate” recruiters?”. That’s what we hope.

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