How To Go About Negotiating Your Salary?

Whether you agree with it or not, salary is probably the most important factor one considers, while searching for a job. That’s why, we at SayTooLoud would be discussing over here, salary negotiation tips that would help you gain maximum in terms of monetary benefit.


Prior to even initiating salary negotiations with a potential employer, you have to analyze as to how much is the worth of the job – along with the worthiness of your skills and experience to the organization. Dedicate time to explore salaries well before you even start talking about pay. That manner, you will be set up to put forth your case and get a job offer that is realistic and sensible. This has to be a part of interview preparation for freshers, and needs to be worked upon.

Negotiations can incorporate all aspects related to compensation, which includes pay, stock options, perks, bonus and so on….

Salary negotiation related helpful tips for interview:

  • Buy your time:

Once you’ve gotten the offer, there is no need to acknowledge (or dismiss) it immediately. A straightforward “I have to think it over” can win you an increase in the initial offer.

  • Wait for the right time:

When you are aware as to what you ought to be earning, how should you approach getting it? Begin by being exceptionally patient. While interviewing for a new job position, try your best not to raise the remuneration aspect until the point when the recruiter provides you with an offer.

  • Be open to saying a no:

In case you’re undecided about the position, a “no” can present you with a superior offer as well !

  • Refrain from disclosing the first number:

In the case that you’re questioned about what your pay requirements are, mention that they are open in light of the position and the overall salary package. Then again, tell the employer that you are interested to find out about the job responsibilities and the job challenges before talking about the compensation.

  • Do not decline a job that you need badly:

Be cautious however, in the event that you do require that new job, there’s a risk that the recruiter may acknowledge your declining the position and proceed towards the following hopeful.

  • Support your salary request with relevant data:

In case you’re compelled to provide a number, give a salary range in light of the research you’ve carried in advance. Utilize this research to support your negotiating technique. Discuss what’s fitting for the job role, in light of your experience and what you bring to the table. Abstain from the temptation to discuss about your personal financial requirements.

  • Negotiate benefits as well:

Check out whether there are any employee benefits and perks that can be negotiated, even though the salary isn’t.

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Thus we covered the various aspects related to salary negotiation as a part of helpful tips for interview. Next time around, we will come up with some other useful tips.

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