Format For A Thank You Letter Post An Interview!

A Thank You letter is very much a part of interview tips and skills. One ought to know about this as just appearing for an interview is not job done !


In this blog, we are going to see format for writing a Thank You letter as a part of interview preparation.

Let’s first understand, what is a Thank You letter.

1. What do you mean by a thank you letter?

A thank you letter is a brief write-up (or email) addressed to the hiring manager post your interview. It ought to be sent inside 24 hours post your interview, and not in excess to a solitary page. Your letter should be elegantly written, non-generic, and worth remembering to the hiring manager. Sending one means that you’re a professional who is respectful and astute.

It’s an essential shutting act to the employment process. Given that not as much as half of candidates send one, it’s a simple approach to beat your competition.

2. Ways to write a thank you letter

There are a number of ways to write a thank you note. Let’s check out some of these…

– Email:

Emailing is considered to be the most widely used method. Your Email structure ought to be as follows:




Personal connection

Vote of thanks

Again show interest and how you are suitable for the job

Awaiting reply

Things to remember:

Font should be 10 or more but no greater than 12.

Brevity ought not be in excess of one or two lines.

– Phone Call:

A direct telephone call to a hiring manager can likewise leave a solid impression. Be watchful however this strategy isn’t every-time appropriate.

Things to remember:

Be friendly

Do not call at odd times. Morning or mid-evening are ideal. Try not to call at 4:59 exactly

If it is the case that the hiring manager or the interviewer isn’t present, leave a message and do not call for no less than seven days.

– Letter

This is the most customary and time-respected technique for following up. On the off chance that you are applying for an established, more customary firm, utilize the letter strategy. On the off chance that it’s extremely formal, go for hand-writing the letter on high quality paper. Do it quickly after an interview and either convey it face to face or opt for express mail ASAP.

Letter structure:




Personal connection

Express thanks

Express interest and how come you are suitable

Looking ahead to hearing back

Things to remember:

1 inch margins

Font between 10-12

Black link is preferable

Amongst these, email is recommended first, and letter second, as per experts.

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