Do’s For Your First Face To Face Interview !

Majority of the times, you are required to attend face to face interviews for placement. Sometimes, a telephonic interview serves the purpose.

Almost all of you would agree that a face to face interview creates more nerves in candidates, rather than a telephonic one. Especially, if it is the first one.


But, not to worry…

That’s because, there are a few tips which we would like to share with you, for a smooth interview ride. Try putting them into practice and see their benefits.

1. Do not fake in your resume:

Lying can backfire on you! The individual sitting before you has adequate experience of interviews and can without much of a stretch know when you are faking it. So, keep it genuine and just write in your CV, what you have really accomplished. Else, more often than not, you would be in a soup.

2. Take it easy:

More than whatever else, the anxiety hampers most interviews. Just before going into the interview room, take a couple of deep breaths and unwind your nerves. It for sure, makes a difference!

3. Be confident:

This can be a significant undertaking thinking of it as’ the first occasion when you are sitting for an interview. However, you need to pull off this lie. You need to act confident and ensure that the recruiter feels that you have everything in perfect order and splendidly fit in the job position.

4. Self Introduction:

Tell me about yourself’ is the all time favourite question of recruiters and it is bound to be asked. Prepare the best possible answer for the same.

5. Dress properly:

Nobody can sufficiently stress on the thing that in the event of an interview, ‘The first impression is the last one.’ Put on your best garments (formals obviously!) and look tidy while going for an interview for the first time or in any case.

6. Show eagerness to learn:

It’s alright to not know everything! On the off chance that you stall out on a few questions and don’t realize what to state, affably let the interviewer know. In any case, likewise make it a point to ask what the appropriate answer was once they are finished with every one of the questions. This demonstrates your will to learn, which is regularly viewed as valuable from the employer’s perspective.

7. Thank you email:

Regardless of whether you are selected or not, ensure you send the recruiter a thank you mail post the interview disclosing to them how you are happy you got this job and how you feel you are chosen for the same.

So, by now we have answered the question as to how to face interview, through these points. There could be more additions to these points; but here we have covered the important ones.

Go prepared for your next one!!!

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