Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Medical Representative

If you are looking out for a Medical Representative’s job and wondering what kind of questions would come your way during an interview, then following are some of the frequently asked job interview questions and answers for Medical Representative. Take a look at them and prepare accordingly. Some of the Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Medical Representative…..

Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Medical Representative

Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Medical Representative:

Which is the most challenging part of a Pharmaceutical Sale Person’s job profile?

A major challenge in front of a Pharma Salesperson is to convince a doctor to switch from a drug that he or she is currently using for the patients.

Are you aware about any software that can come in handy to track the sales and progress ?

ERP softwares specific to the Pharmaceutical sector are present in the market, and they can come in handy to track the total sales figures, quarterly based profit, accurate customer location, stock information from stockiest etc..

What do you mean by a Marketing Mix?

Marketing mix alludes to the set of actions, strategies which an organization uses for brand or product promotion, is alluded to as a Marketing Mix.

Amongst one of the basic interview questions and answers For Medical Representative.

How would you convince a physician to take to your drug?

In order to persuade a physician to make use of your drug poses the biggest challenge, particularly when he is content with the current set of drugs.

So as to switch on to your prescribed drug, your initial step would be:

– Create your presence by facilitating small sales at first, e.g. focusing on 1 or 2 patients and aim for bigger going ahead.

– Once the doctor shows his trust and confidence in the product, persuade him to endorse your product for more number of patients

– Have complete knowledge about the drug and also analyze the prescribing style of the physician

– Put to use your product knowledge and different tools to help the physician to comprehend your product.

Elaborate on how pharma sales differs from other kinds of sales

– Pharmaceutical sales happens to be an indirect sales role

– It caters for an expert physician through product promotion, with the help of education and awareness

– In case of pharmaceutical based sales, there is no question of order to close or a contract to sign

What qualities are required to become a successful pharmaceutical representative?

Pharmaceutical sales falls in the high turnover business category, and to become successful in it, one requires the following:

– Complete product knowledge

– Effective communication skills

– Detailed research on the competitors and their sales target

– A positive approach and lookout towards things

– Focus on sales call

– Strong networking capabilities

What aspect of being a Medical Representative, you find to be the most rewarding?

Fulfillment of helping patients and turning into a medium that offers them lifesaving medication is the most re-warding aspect about being a Medical Sales Representative. Aside from that, you assist physicians with making the correct choice regarding the product and all things considered, you get a chance to meet numerous individuals all through the day.

Those were some of the most frequently asked Medical Representative interview questions and answers.


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