Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers in BPO

If BPO is the sector in which you are looking for a job, then you should be aware of these job basic interview questions and answers in BPO. Answering these interview questions properly would help you in cracking the toughest of BPO interviews.

Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers in BPO

Shall we begin then?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions during BPO interviews, along with answers to them.

Basic Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers in BPO:

Tell me about yourself:

A hot favourite question amongst the interviewers. The best answers happen to be informative and simple in nature. In-spite of this, there might be a need to include an interesting component in the answer, such that it doesn’t sound textbook-ish. Also, keep in mind the BPO job profile and frame your answer accordingly.

Are you fine with the night shifts?

This is a major aspect of a BPO job. You ought to be very much prepared to work in even odd shifts if required, when showing up for a BPO interview. The best response to this question would be a ‘yes!’

What makes you think that you are made for the BPO sector?

Your answer can be different than the one mentioned here, however, it should demonstrate a relevance of the industry and the job, to your professional and/or developmental objectives.

E.g. I believe that I should be working in an industry where I will be able to put my conversational abilities to good use. The BPO business I feel would be the ideal profession since it would assist me to build up my personality and upgrade my communication skills. It would also provide me with valuable experience.

Explain the difference between inbound and outbound call centers

If a call center only receives calls, it’s said to be inbound. On the off chance that they are permitted to place calls as well, then they are said to be outbound call centers. Taking care of the customer care functions related to any department, is the job of an Inbound call center.

Do you know the difference between a BPO and a KPO?

KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is concerned with services such as billing, insurance or documentation. While BPO or Business Process Outsourcing, basically takes care of customer based services.

You can surely expand on this one with some research and study. We suggest that you do it.

Where do you place yourself five years from now?

Another of the interviewer’s hot favourites. It becomes necessary that you consider the organization you are interviewing for, in your five-year plan. An answer such as, ‘I visualize myself growing with this organization and achieving a position where I would become a valuable resource for the organization.’ can be considered to be a good answer. You can likewise support it with particular details, contingent upon the organization and different works it deals in.

Will you feel comfortable attending to customers over the phone?

All things considered, this could pose to be a tricky one taking into consideration that they could go for a mock call with you, in the wake of this question. Therefore, its better to go prepared. Also, obviously, the recommended answer would be a certain ‘yes!’

Study and practice these basic interview questions and answers for freshers in BPO, and assure yourself a job in a BPO company!

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