How To Answer That ‘Tricky’ Interview Question ?

You might have come across that most obvious yet tricky basic interview question, in each one of your interviews. How many times did you feel satisfied post answering this question?


The question seems easy up front, but is quite tricky to answer!

SayTooLoud brings to you, tips to answer this question properly….

1. Portray your interest:

Depict enthusiasm and fervor about the opportunity, and additionally eagerness to attempt new things and to develop your task management and execution aptitudes.

2. Interview preparation in advance:

Do your research about the employer and on the individual, you are interviewing with. This is what Gould, talent head at Oath has to say. You can without much of a stretch search for your interviewer on LinkedIn and discover somewhat more about the individual you will be interviewing with. At that point, concentrate on the strengths he or she would find fascinating and relevant.

3. Honesty:

Genuineness and sincerity can say a lot about an applicant’s values and qualities. Be your self on the grounds that the rest is what is on the resume, according to Gould. There isn’t a great deal of experience to show when you are just beginning, so discussing a passion will provide the interviewer an idea of your true identity.

4. Be confident about your experience:

Be ready to succinctly show your work experience as far back as feasible under the circumstances. Try not to feel like your experiences are not that good. Each experience can give you significant lessons and transferable skills. It is all about how you offer yourself.

5. Portray your critical thinking skills:

Amongst the best interview tips and techniques, here is one to answer this question. Be ready to share a story that shows you have good decision-making ability when facing business challenges or dubious work circumstances. Practice explaining this scenario with a guide, companion, or relative to guarantee it interprets positively.

Hope that you would be able to answer this question in a better manner next time, post-reading these tips.

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