8 Most Expected Java Interview Questions!

SayTooLoud brings to you, a list of most expected Java interview questions. So, just go through them and include them as a part of your interview preparation regime. These would come in handy while appearing for interviews.


1. What do you mean by a JVM?

The Java interpreter alongside the runtime environment required to execute the Java application in known as the Java virtual machine(JVM).

2. What do you understand by the term platform independence?

The term platform independence implies that we can write as well as compile the Java code on one kind of a platform (e.g. Windows) and can execute the class in some other supported platform e.g. (Linux, Solaris and so on).

3. What is the concept of an abstract class?

An abstract class happens to be a class designed with execution gaps for subclasses to fill in and is intentionally incomplete.

4. What do you understand by the term packages?

A package is an accumulation of related classes and interfaces giving access protection and name-space management.

5. Enlist the states of a thread?

The states associated with a thread are ready, running, waiting and dead.

6. What is called a deadlock?

At the point when two threads are waiting each other and can’t precede the program, then such a situation is called as a deadlock.

7. Which is the most important feature of Java?

Java happens to be a platform independent language.

8. What is the name of the base class for all the classes?


These were a few questions related to the Java programming language, which are most expected during an interview. Read tips for telephonic interview, only on SayTooLoud.

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