Want To Crack IIT JEE 2018 ?

IIT JEE happens to be amongst the most difficult and top entrance exams in India for admission to the best engineering establishments in the nation – the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).


Therefore, in order to help you in your entrance exam preparation, SayTooLoud would like to share with you, top tips to crack the IIT JEE 2018. Get to know by reading further…


A few tips to crack JEE Chemistry-

– Practice reactions

Practice the most imperative topics, equations, mechanisms, and related questions on a regular basis.

– Work on your concentration and application skills

In Inorganic Chemistry, focus for the most part on the concepts, the procedures, and their applications.

– Regular revision

Chemistry is by all accounts confusing to most students. Timely revision of this subject is an unquestionable requirement for better retention.

– Show patience and attention while studying

Be cautious and patient while studying Organic Chemistry


– Regular practice

Solving JEE entrance exam questions in the form of practice papers regularly is a must.

– By heart the formulas

You need to write down all the formulas and learn them by heart

– Focus on scoring topics

Once your fundamental concepts are cleared, focus on the scoring subjects like Mechanics.

Give careful consideration to Thermodynamics as it is basic to both Physics and Chemistry.

– Learn formula derivations as well

Knowing the derivation of the formulas helps in remembering and understanding them in a better manner.


– Clarity of concepts

Clear the fundamental concepts from all the chapters. Maths is brimming with formulas. Keeping in mind the end goal to recall them by heart, comprehend and practice the derivations of the formulas consistently.

– Solve old question papers

Solving the IIT JEE old question papers is an unquestionable requirement when you are getting ready for IIT JEE Maths.

– Appear for mock tests

Appearing for full-length IIT JEE mock tests help in enhancing your speed and accuracy. It helps in stamina growth.

– Solving practice questions

Solving JEE entrance exam questions post the completion of every chapter is a must.

How to get higher marks in IIT JEE ?

It is essential for IIT JEE hopefuls the nation over to take a shot at their overall development so as to score maximum. Academic knowledge forms just 60 percent of the entrance exam syllabus. The rest 40 percent of the score relies upon a student’s behavioral aspects and his test taking skills.

Consequently, students must have a smart and customized study plan that takes care of every one of these aspects and scores higher in IIT JEE.

Now that you have the tips on scoring high in this exam, what are you waiting for ? Just get started…

SayTooLoud wishes you best of luck and all the success !!!

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