What If ? You Are Unable To Crack The MBBS Entrance Exam

Any MBBS entrance exam (AFMC, AIPMT etc.) is tough to crack. The only thing in your hand is entrance exam preparation with complete dedication.


Then, what if you fail to crack the MBBS entrance exam? What would be your next course of action?

For many medical exam takers, they do not taste success in the first attempt and a significantly big number of students consider dropping a year before going for the second attempt than those for engineering.

Why do you require a year’s drop?

  • Board exams and entrance exam preparation is difficult and you understood that before and chose to concentrate on board exams in class 12

  • You couldn’t crack the entrance test and clear the cut-off and a large number of students fall in this category.

  • You got the admission however not in a govt. college or you got the dental programme.

“I aspire to be a doctor” feeling is typically exceptionally strong in many individuals that prompts the choice of dropping for an year. Notwithstanding, lets see what could be a few positives and negatives of dropping a year.


  • Many students re-attempt the top entrance exams for medical as normally there are more than one chance permitted, so you will have a decent community to assist.

  • You will get one entire year where you can dedicatedly prepare for your medical entrance and really cover the vast entrance exam syllabus.

  • On the off chance that you take the choice well ahead of time, you can give your board exams without an excess of stress and may likely do well in boards and additionally entrance tests.


  • The pressure of succeeding at the second attempt would be much higher. Specially due to the drop.

  • You miss out on one entire academic year.

  • It is simpler said than done as one year of self study requires a considerable measure of devotion, discipline and inspiration.

How to come at a decision?

The above are just some of the factors. So take a paper whenever you are in a perplexity and draw a table with advantages in one column and negatives in another column. Then, begin noting down your reasons which can as basic as “Mother will continue to shout each day”. Whichever column has essentially more points, will be your decisive factor.

Join a degree programme

You can enroll for another degree program and prepare alongside college which will provide you with a backup option. It proves to be better for medical entrance tests since you can re-attempt the exam a number of times. This will diminish pressure on you to perform yet then again may be a source of diversion, like school. This is where your dedication and discipline will assume a part once more.

Drop a year or not, whatever be your choice, stay with it with full confidence with no regrets. Good Luck from SayTooLoud !!!

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