Top Entrance Exams: A Career Perspective!

Entrance exams have become an integral part of your career these days. Be it any domain, at some point or the other, you have to face them.



Let’s check out a few aspects related to competitive exams:

Majority of the entrance exams are held post 12th or graduations. The eligibility criteria for different entrance exams are different. This happens to be the first filter for students to qualify. If a candidate fits in the required eligibility criteria, only then is he/she allowed to appear for the particular entrance exam.

Eligibility criteria generally includes attributes like:
  • Educational qualification

  • Age etc.

A few entrance exams are held in one single round. While others go through 3 to 4 stages for completion.

In most cases, entrance exams include stages like:
  • Written test

  • Group discussion

  • Personal interview and so on…

E.g. UPSC, MPSC entrance exams consist of all the above mentioned rounds. On the other hand, entrance exams for engineering and medical branches usually take place in just one round i.e. written test.

A few examples of popular entrance exams are as below:
  • Hotel Management entrance exams

  • MBA entrance exams

  • Law entrance exams

  • Entrance exams for administrative services i.e. UPSC, MPSC

  • Banking entrance exams that include Probationary officers, Clerks etc.

In recent times, based on the need, the level of entrance exams has gone a notch higher. So much so that entrance exam preparation centers have come up at every nook and corner. Many students take to these centers for coaching purposes. On the other hand, online entrance exam preparation programs are also available these days. However, the main thing is the quality of preparation students put in. No entrance exam can be put in the category of easy or tough. It’s all about the amount and quality of preparation you put in.

It’s never too late! Begin with your preparations!

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